Beth Crittenden

My mission statement as a financial wellness coach:

Through sharing inspiration and wisdom, I hold space for people to develop the financial practices and clarity that lead to their best lives. I teach the perspective that self-love is of the highest order, and can be expressed through financial health.

Supporting people around financial wellness and dispute resolution is a cherished part of my life. Here are the elements that combined to teach and continuously inspire me to do this work.

Training and Interests:

Dave Ramsey has a series of training programs that stem out of his Financial Peace University. I took the class once, led it once, and did an apprenticeship with one of the financial counselors that Dave trained to help people find their financial peace.

I learned the first 2 modules of QuickBooks through a college course, and then passed the exam to become a QuickBooks Certified User.

I completed a year and a half of coursework at the CIIS Somatic Psychology program, which focused on body-centered psychotherapeutic methods.

To date I have completed three 7-day silent meditation retreats, and one 10-day retreat, through Spirit Rock meditation center.

I've studied and practiced The Work of Byron Katie extensively. I've got strong knowledge about the Enneagram personality types and how they interact with each other. I've attended the Financial Therapy Association's annual conference, and very much appreciate the research they are publishing on consumer behavior.

I've taken coaching/teacher/leadership trainings with a variety of empowering and creative instructors over the years. One that I highly recommend is Leisa Peterson's Infinite Abundance Challenge. My previous career choices also taught me a lot about the areas of nutrition, career management, and healthy sexuality. Our behaviors with money are so often intertwined with these hugely important other areas of life!

I volunteer at a high school equivalency program on Treasure Island called Job Corps, via the Financial Planning Association. We teach a group of about 20 soon-to-be graduates, the basics of cash management, bank accounts, credit cards, and steering clear of unsecured debt. I also enjoyed adding exercises around boundary work, and how to handle requests for money and/or time that the world will make of us.

I volunteer for school districts who bring in speakers to teach students sound financial basics. So far I’ve delivered custom workshops in San Francisco, Pacifica, and Marin. Junior Achievement has been a great, organized way to spread the message about healthy spending and saving, as well.

My first mediator training occured in November 2016 through the Center in Understanding Conflict, and I am a member of the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California. Money can be such a hot potato to handle for couples and families between generations. I very much enjoy creating a space where each person gets heard and a clear plan is made to find peace within the historical disagreements.

I love playing tennis, and find it to be meditative and very humbling! Studying what arises in me competitively also applies to finances in many ways.

I feel so blessed to do what I do professionally. It doesn't even feel like "work", which is such a blessing. It’s interesting, rewarding, challenges me to keep learning, and brings together many of the helpful tools I’ve learned in life.

I offer hope and light to people who perhaps still feel that frustration, or fear, or somehow left out of success with money. If I can do it, coming from a place of alienation and deep distrust around money, then anyone can do it. I now feel much more confident, at peace, and free to ask more questions after having worked in this area deeply for the last several years. I do help make people make and keep a financial plan, but I’m not a certified financial planner who recommends about investments or insurance.

I believe success is personally defined. Especially financial success. There is no one $$ number that will make everyone happy. And no one else can define that type of success for anyone else; it is internally experienced. And priceless!

I'm Ready To Get Started