Would you like peaceful, successful finances?

I offer you:

Practical, data-driven coaching support

Space for your values & emotions as important parts of the process

Mindful guidance, feedback, & support

Customized resource & tools suggestions

Support & accountability for your best financial systems & routines

The opportunity to demystify anything you'd like to know about finances & their organization (and all questions are welcome & valid)

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Are you financially-curious and ready to get your situation handled?

I offer:

* Practical, data-driven coaching support
* Space for your values and emotions as important parts of the process
* Mindful guidance, feedback, and support
* Customized resource and tools suggestions
* Support and accountability for your best financial systems and routines
* The opportunity to demystify anything you'd like to know about finances and their organization (and all questions are welcome and valid)


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Budgeting and Tracking

Some questions our work can answer...
  • What’s the least amount of work I can do to get maximum benefit?
  • Do I have to use a computer program for this?
  • How will it help me to know how much I’m spending in each category?
  • I’m just not that nerdy...is there a shortcut to tracking?
  • Do I even have enough money to track?
  • Budgets always stress me out and I feel controlled...how can I get past this?
  • What should my routine be and how can I make sure I keep up with it so this will work?

Boundaries with Money

  • How do I say “no” when someone asks me for money? Or for my time (which is valuable and limited)
  • How do I negotiate fees? (whether paying someone, or getting paid)
  • I know I “should” be saving for the future and rainy days, but there’s so much I want to buy NOW!
  • Conflict makes me queasy and I just want to put my head in the sand, but I'm getting burned
  • How do I know what amounts to decide for spending, saving, etc.? What is right for me and the business?
  • I've tried saving money but I always tend to take it back out again. How can I be more trustworthy with myself?
  • What's the right amount to pay myself? How do I set that up so it works without upsetting the other numbers?

Mindfulness and Money

  • What is “enough”? Work, personal time, savings, discretionary budget, stuff
  • How can I make solid financial decisions when I get so mad/sad/scared about money?
  • What the heck good will it do me to meditate...don’t I need to be in action to get results?
  • Isn’t my mind what got me into this mess? I need to fix these problems asap!!
  • I cannot imagine how I can "be present" with the fear, shame, anger, etc that thinking or talking about money has me feel
  • How do I pay my bills and meet my obligations, and also save time and energy and money for my innermost values?

Business Cashflow Management Implementation

  • How should I maximize tax deductions?
  • How much should I be saving for income taxes?
  • How much should I be investing back into the business?
  • How can I minimize the amount of time I have to think about these decisions and create a streamlined flow?
  • How much help can I afford to hire for the business?
  • When do I know to give people raises?
  • What will help me look ahead without getting too freaked out?

Ways To Experience This Work

Here is a video training I offered freely along with the wonderful Booming Collective:

Here's me talking about why I love this numbers work:

I offer my blog freely, as well.

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I occasionally offer workshops in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Micro FAQs

  • I teach bookkeeping, budgeting, cashflow management, healthy communication about finances, mindfulness with finances, and/or matching financial behavior with personal goals and values.
  • My clients sometimes opt to focus on "just" the organization of the numbers and the financial systems. It is a personal choice whether or not to bring in the personal values, emotions, and any spiritual signifiance.
  • Key words for my work are sustainable, caring, generative, honest, intimate, detail-oriented and thorough. 1.5 shades away from rigorous, yet never punitive.
  • True transformation takes an honest relationship + mutual effort over time. Plan to work with me for a minimum of 6 sessions once you are ready for the process.
  • I work with clients by video conference or telephone meeting.
  • I also see clients in person at my office in Larkspur, CA.
  • I work with individuals, couples, and/or business partners.

I work with teams & organizations
via Mindful Life Mindful Work.

This includes workshops, keynote delivery, employee and executive learning and development, and specific mindfulness training on interacting well with numbers.


"She's wicked-smart, financially speaking, and has great "bedside manners", can explain it all in understandable terms. Plus is just a pleasure to be around."

– Ella W., Acupuncturist

"I’m so grateful for opportunities to collaborate with Beth, who brings heart to money and helps our shared clients (and me!) think about the bigger picture of what financial wellness means to us. Plus she’s hilarious, which I need when drilling down into the hard emotional work I sometimes have to do around money."

– Allison P., Abundance Practice Building

"Beth is a wonderful financial coach who helps reign in the chaos of numbers and helps bring clarity to dealing with finances and money. As an entrepreneur, this leaves me feeling good about focusing on other aspects of my business, knowing the financial side is in great hands."

– K.J., UX Designer

"Working with Beth has been nothing short of transformative. Not only in the hard cold facts of my finances but also in how I feel about them. I’m calmer, more rational and also able to more effectively process the variety of emotions that inevitably surface when dealing with money issues. The best part is my wife and I now find money talks invigorating and affirming!

Beth is kind, insightful, and detailed. She helps you cut through both the emotional and the numerical noise that can surround finances and hone in on what’s important to you as well as what’s practical and reasonable. I’ve been working with Beth for more than 3 years and my finances have never been healthier – not to mention low stress. She’s a gem!"

- B.G.

“So much fun working with you.  I feel so relieved to have all that painlessly off my plate."

- Mill Valley resident

“I always enjoy your newsletters…so inspiring. And over the years, I’ve been able to read through your checklists and say, “Yep. Yep. Got that one, too. Yep.” It’s wonderful to have the finances working well. As I am writing this, hubby and I are in the process of packing up everything to move back to Hawaii. We have paid off our debt, and now have about a $50K cushion to get us over there and transitioned into island life. Hubby will keep his job here, working remotely. They love him so much they bought him a new computer to take to Hawaii.

I am sadly saying good-bye to all my students, but excited about opening a studio in Hawaii, and a new Business Coaching practice for musicians that is just in the planning stages right now. We could not have done any of this without your guidance and support in the early days. Getting onto YNAB was essential. That really saved us. Now we are able to do more advanced things with it, and even dabbling in responsible credit card use to collect miles for flying back and forth. When we get to Hawaii, we will be living on a 6-acre organic farm, living off-grid. You have been so instrumental and helpful to our financial wellness and recovery that I can’t say enough about the work you do. 
So thank you, thank you, thank you…and you can quote me on that!!”

- C.Q.

“Wow. You are such fun!! I loved loved loved your attitude and energy!! It made getting close to the topic soooo much easier.”

- Workshop participant

“I just wanted to say how much I truly enjoyed our time together last Tuesday! Not only were you great at helping me look at the area’s finances, but our discussion of spirituality and self image in regard to them was incredibly fulfilling. You helped me to see a bigger picture that has allowed to proceed with passion and optimism toward our financial goals for the organization. I am beyond grateful for you and the service that you offer.”

- Will N.

“Beth is incredible. She very skillfully guides you through a financial plan that not only makes sense, but that is possible to stick to. If you feel like your pile of debt is too big to get out of, give her a try, and you will get motivated again and succeed. I highly recommend Beth’s services, it is worth far more than you can imagine.”

- David W.

“I have known Beth for over a year now and have found her to be wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgeable, professional and brings a spiritual edge to her practice. She understands that we are more than just our finances and works with you to bring the much needed clarity to help you achieve your financial goals. I consider her my advisor, mentor and a wonderful friend. Do yourself a favor and hire Beth!”

- Pooja D.

“You make a dry topic very interesting and engaging.”

- County of Santa Clara employee after half-hour keynote