Hello to April!

  • 2014 Federal and state income taxes due April 15th
  • 2015 estimated income taxes due April 15th for us self-employed creatures
  • The man who played Bo Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard was born on April 8th (Salute!)
  • The woman who played Buffy the Vampire Slayer was born on April 14th (Buffy is my Goddess. There is a podcast I love called “Dusted” that is reviewing the narrative arc of every Buffy episode from the movie on through Angel. I’m through Season 3. But I digress.)

In addition to these serious and silly dates, it just so happens that every day that we get to be alive in April, (and actually every day of every month of every year) is an opportunity to explore Earth existence. Its ups and downs, the flight of the hummingbirds, flowers blooming (jasmine knocks my socks off this time of year), new start-uppy people making incredible technology offerings, the fascinating elements of how absolutely wretched we can treat each other and ourselves from time to time; all of this la vida loca mixed together. Good/bad/neutral/repeat, until death do us part.

I’ve found that when I neglect my money stuff (reconciling my YNAB, sending my accountability partner my net worth updates, making the transfer to retirement savings, bills paid, etc.), I start to feel yukky and panicked. All of the beautiful and terrible Earth stuff outside of me keeps going, whether I’m noticing it or not. When I haven’t handled my own money stuff, my attention starts to kind of implode and the neglect begins to have costs in where I can put my attention. The “good” noticings tend to go unnoticed. Which is a less fun-seeming Earth existence.

So if I want to get the benefits of something, it’s wise to examine the costs.

The costs of handling my money stuff are:

  • carving out time to do it
  • focusing on it until I complete the task, no matter what feelings arise
  • putting some money aside to invest in to my education, as well as getting additional support from time to time, which keeps me honest (financial planner, tax accountant, etc)
  • the discomfort of wishing there was more money in my accounts, without wanting to put any more effort in to making that happen, alas
  • the discomfort when I have managed my money well, of other people asking me for money and choosing to not give it to them. I know that doesn’t bother everyone, but it’s still hard for me. It’s nearly inconceivable to me that there are children starving in the world, when there is SO MUCH in the world that can be shared.
  • having sometimes-squirmy conversations with people I like and love, when I need to set a money boundary. Do I **want** to have these conversations? Heck, no! Are they essential if I’m going to meet my goals? Definitely. Who else is going to speak up for my money and what I want it to do for me?

I notice that sometimes people assume that handling their money stuff is somehow more complicated than just getting it done. (Once they’ve learned how to do it, of course.) I don’t find that it is. It doesn’t mean that it becomes easy all of a sudden…I squirmed and procrastinated for hours today before wrapping up my March money reports and tasks. Actually, I want to thank you the readers, because writing this is my dessert treat for having finished my March stuff! I don’t advise you to do anything that I don’t do myself. So basically I had to cruise through the list above, face all of that stuff, and just get it done. So then I could write to you with a clean conscience!



Geishas and Prosperity Prayers

Last week I watched a documentary that I got from the library, about the history/herstory of Geishas in Japan. Extremely fascinating.

The money part that stood out to me, was watching a couple of the successful geishas go to a temple to pray for prosperity. Something about witnessing that surprised me very much. I somehow thought that a geisha would not seek out a religious environment, much less bring the financial element of the work to Spirit. There were gongs and royal blue silken mallets involved, outdoors (I believe) in Kyoto. It really touched me.

I pray for our prosperity. I pray for our financial health. I don’t know what, if anything, “hears” these prayers, I just know I mean them. And then if you reach out to me for help, I’m so excited and it feels like a prayer answered!


Shout-out to the Moms of the Golden Gate Mom’s Group! I enjoyed meeting and working with all of you so much last month.

Also, hello to the doulas and therapists who have recently joined the list, and thank you for the work you are doing!

Lastly, yesterday I taught 7th graders for a day through Junior Achievement. Big hats off to all of the teachers out there. Bless you for that hard and important work you do! Junior Achievement has great programs for teaching kids financial literacy. Let me know if you’re interested in bringing a volunteer to your local school.