3 quick P.S.’ for Your August Fiscal Fitness

1) Thanks to my awesome web designer Abby Kojola for describing what I offer in Love The Zero just right: http://www.kojolapower.com/meetbethcrittenden/

2) Reminder that I’m offering a customized group learning session soon-ish, and all are welcome to register: https://lovethezeromoneyschoolsept2013.eventbrite.com

3) Some motivation to carry with you. From Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Lappin. p2

“Don’t be embarrassed to admit that you want more money. Think of all the good things you could do if you had more discretionary income and more accumulated assets. I am not suggesting that you corrode your soul with a deep sense of discontent. You can be very happy with your life and grateful for its many blessings while simultaneously desiring more. That doesn’t make you an ungrateful whiny person. So would you like to have more money? Just say, ‘Yes, I would like more money than I have now.’ Not only do I think you want more money, I sincerely hope you want more money. The more money you want, the more you will be willing to work and produce for me and for countless other people.”

So mode it be.