Burn, baby, burn! Such sweet light is available, if we face it.

I had drafted the letter below on Monday. 

Then Monday night I had a freak accident at home. Completely unexpected, kind of a sleepwalking incident that had me fall 9 feet to the floor and bounce on concrete on my back.

I’m sore and banged up, typing with one hand, and moving verrry slowly, but it’s miraculous that nothing was broken or permanently snapped. It is clear to me that something kept me alive, when it would have been more likely for a body to perish in that scenario.

Sharing that with you all as a reminder of how instantly life can change, and also with sweet gratitude to just be here, send this out, and leave the results up to the universe!
Aug 6 2:35pm

Love the Zeros Spiritual Money Stuff:  Choosing Intensity

Not easy, not immediately pleasant, doesn’t even have a guaranteed result. BUT at least it has a chance of shifting things towards the better. We know that avoidance, and ignorance, and denial have not nearly the same chance to create that positive shift.

I would love to tell you, “3 easy ways to beat the summer money heat!!”, and make it sound easy. Maybe for some people it is easy to get and stay healthy with money. For me, it is not; it takes ongoing discipline. Sure, some stuff I can just mark off my to-do list and keep cruising. I’m not saying every single part of the process is torturous.

I’m finding the unseen and unspoken things the toughest to deal with lately. I had to start the whole enchilada by organizing the flow of what dollars come in and out of my accounts, and reliably making and maintaining a monthly spending plan. That wasn’t easy to begin with, but it’s easier compared to facing and feeling what lurks underneath the surface!

For example, I kind of thought the hard stuff was over for me. I’m on top of YNAB, to the point where I actually look forward to updating my own as well as my client’s numbers. I reached my first huge net worth milestone (so exciting!). Done, right?

Alas, not done, just deepening. I started to cling to YNAB as an answer. It’s not…it’s a helpful tool for clarity and planning, but it’s not the answer in and of itself. Spirit is. Eternal Life is. Truth is. I don’t abide in those when I am obsessing about numbers and making the savings process my Higher Truth. It’s a means to an end, not the end itself.

My work is to help myself (and others, when they are ready) find constant alignment with financial health. For you exercisers, keeping something like YNAB or Money Minder updated is like wearing a FitBit. You get helpful data, but the data in and of itself isn’t the final product. What does the data mean for YOUR goals? What’s your healthy range of spending, saving, giving? If you don’t engage with your money, then who will?

I’m looking for clients who want to be coached around this process, and are willing to be honest and surrender to their truth. I don’t give people their answers…I help people find their answers for the present moment, and learn the tools that will always help them discover what is true for their current circumstances.

I enjoyed this Carl Richards article about the benefits of doing some of this tracking stuff by hand. I have come to similar conclusions as he has. http://www.behaviorgap.com/luddite-approach-budget/   The way my experience differs, is that I find that categorizing the transactions that YNAB can download has the same effect as manually entering each transaction. YNAB can populate the date/amount/vendor name, and then I choose the best category. It’s a natural next step after updating the transactions to look at the budget (aka spending plan) for the month to date.

I know a lot of people judge themselves harshly about not doing something “simple” like tracking money. However I can implore you to stop judging and criticizing yourself, I will do it. If I had ever found beating myself up to help me, I would pat you on the back when you’re mean to you and say “keep up the good work”. But it doesn’t help anything change! This stuff can go so deep. I’m here if you want professional support around the process.

There has got to be some good news in all of this hard work, right?

YES, THERE IS. Here is some good news from a friend of Love The Zeros, and I hope it inspires and delights you, as it does me.

Hope you are well. Thank you for sending out your newsletter. I am always inspired by your writings. 
So. A miracle occurred yesterday.
I started using YNAB in December, and gradually hubby has come onboard, too. Yesterday, we took the time to sit together and watch YNAB training videos. All of a sudden, he had a huge breakthrough. He finally understood that you can’t spend what you don’t have, and that every dollar needs a job. And we both understood that what we thought was “budgeting” was actually “forecasting” and “prediction.” I saw a huge wave of relief pass through his body as he realized that he knew how to budget and what that was going to mean for our future finances. “A deepening of understanding,” is what he called it. 
He looked at me and said, “I don’t know why, but I want to kiss you.” 
I said, “Don’t hold back.” :)))
Thank you so much, Beth, for pointing us to YNAB. It’s the best thing, and it’s restoring our ability to control our finances and our spending. 
I cannot thank you enough. 
Many blessings on your work!!!!Cymber Lily Quinn

Amen and Awomen! YNAB has given me that same delicious deepening of understanding.

If this inspires you to take the plunge, use this code to get a discount on the one-time purchase of YNAB’s cloud software: http://ynab.refr.cc/87MZSV6

I like getting inspiration through podcasts. I’m currently enjoying this one, and recommend it. 3 of my fave topics!


Thank you for reading this. Thank you for being willing to sit with a “slow” topic, in the midst of fast society/fast life/promised quick fixes/diet culture.

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