Are heavy winds blowing your sails in different directions, too?

Holy moly, this has been quite a hectic time recently, energetically and emotionally, at least. My intuitive coach tells me this has to do with something being in Virgo, and it should get smoother once we get in Libra around early October. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I like the sounds of things getting smoother!

The summer overall, for me, was full of exquisite highs and battering lows. Sometimes at the same time, which is pretty wild. I’m endeavoring to find the lesson in each thing that life has brought.

One thing that has become clear, in the midst of the stormy summer seas, is an upcoming shift in my business model. Read more below if you are curious!…


Big Wave #1: I’M TOO BUSY

Wow, I really have a soft spot for those of you who are handling and holding a whole lot at this point in life, and collapse in to bed each night. I’d hazard a guess that’s become the dominant way of being for middle classers. 

It’s only “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong” with respect to your particular goals in life. So I think sometimes this works for people; it fits their rhythm somehow.

For me, as a big ol’ feeler and an empath, it’s like a whole task on my to-do list to just keep up with digesting feelings, and sorting out do they belong to me or others.

I’ve realized that my business model was set up with the idea of keeping up with volume and quantity of different clients. But that’s not actually how I’m designed. OK, good to know. So the shift as far as I can tell will help me stay out of the illusion that I need to go-go-go-do-do-do.

It tugs at my heart strings when people are “too busy” to track their finances. Again, I’m talking non-elite class, because that’s the experience I have. Sometimes people perceive there’s not enough money to track, when that’s exactly when it counts the most.

I’m astounded at how creative and elaborate our resistance can be to abiding with this topic of financial health.


How often I have spent money (or even held back from spending money) because I was attached to my vision of how life “should” have looked. How often I have held back from saving or investing because of present-day perceived scarcity, or entitlement, or a host of other knots in the Divine Flow.

How often I have spent money or not spent money to appear different to someone else. Hoping they would like me more, or like me less, or accept me more, or give me what I wished I had gotten 10 years ago and feel damn well overdue for it.

Humanness! Then further humanness when I get mad at THE MONEY ITSELF when I have less of it than I thought I should, or when the person ends up loving me not at all one bit more after all that money I spent.

This stuff takes time to bring in to clarity. Go back to Big Wave #1 and see when I believe both of these things at the same time, how bunched-up my panties can get with how life is just not doing it right with me at all.

Big Wave #3: BUT WHAT IF???!!!!!!!!

So I know this business model is shifting. But what if people run away from this topic even more than they usually do? But what if I no longer earn money to be in good financial health, myself? But what if someone decides to not reach out to me or refer to me because I’m admitting to something shifting that I’m not yet clear on? But what if Spirit forgets about me and I’m just left here purposeless and miserable?

Woah there, Chicken Little! FriendHusband reminded me last night that fear grows when I’m trying to be in the “future”. Right. OK, so for now, I love working with folks around the topic of their financial and spiritual health. I get powerful lessons, myself, from this journey and am as grateful as I am intimidated by these big moving waves.