I was lucky enough to go camping with a very wonderful person this past week. It brought up a plethora of “issues”.

*I was scared to take the time off from working and earning.
*A beloved family member was supposed to have surgery on our first day away; I felt terrible for going out of cell range while that was scheduled.
*I’ve paid for more professional training and support lately, and am feeling more financially pinched than usual.
*The day we left, I found out that I made a bookkeeping error back in 2014 that is likely going to cost some money to people about whom I care a great deal (as well as my aforementioned-financially-pinched self).

So, it took a lot for both me and my traveling companion to get ourselves on the road. We both considered several times just postponing, but it kept feeling right to go.

At the risk of being totally cliche….of course it was wonderful!! We swam in clear, cool lakes. We hiked timelessly. We drank from water just out of the mountain of the fifth highest peak in California.

Of the many supportive and clarifying messages that I received on the trip, the one that I most want to share with you now is this.


I got so refreshed by the reminder that it’s not as much about the details, specifics, and minutiae of money, amounts, and systems, as it is about how I treat myself and how I interpret reality.

For example, I could track every single dollar perfectly, yet if it’s still bothering me, then I am not yet free in my soul. Also, I can ignore money, stay loosey goosey about it, act as if I am above it…but if it harms me in some way, then I am not yet free. Maybe it’s internal pressure and anxiety. Maybe it’s negative consequences piling up around me. Maybe I’m limited in how I’d like to express my true feelings in the practical realm, because I haven’t handled the money thing. Maybe I’m in debt and sweating it, but everyone around me seems “happy” with me because I never say no to them.


It’s not about being good, right, superior, inferior, productive, strong, or any of those things. I may want to experience those things, yes, but what I’m really going for in this work, is to be free from habitual, conditioned, knee-jerk responses. Internally and externally.

Finances can be the field of poppies from Wizard of Oz. Just as sex, relationship labels, food, etc., all can provide great temptation to continuously hit the Snooze button in life. We have many opportunities to awaken to true freedom in this life. They are usually not easy or comfortable; for me, I far prefer facing the Real Work of it, instead of trying to arm wrestle with reality.

The very good news is, we have unlimited avenues to awakening. We also have unlimited messengers to listen to. I offer a flavor of this work. Others offer different flavors. My hope is that you find out for yourself what is most effective for you. Nobody else can fully control your attention. My prayer is that you and your inner still, small voice are connected on a daily basis, about your own next best steps.

I’m leaving this free video training here, in case you meant to watch it when you got this last month. (but then the cat threw up on your keyboard *right* as you were about to press play, etc etc)

My own path to waking up, includes learning that my approach is not for everyone. Not everyone wants to face the supreme discomfort of admitting how little control we actually have in this life. Not everyone wants to walk along that Middle Way, where I don’t absolutely deny myself luxury, yet I also don’t grant the spendy part of me carte blanche.

But when it *does* work…ahhhh, bliss for both of us! I’m so grateful for those of you with whom I get to laugh, relate, and ask sassy questions of. Part of the camping trip was a stop at a gas station where the outdoor temperature was about 105 degrees.

I bow to human creativity. I bow to willingness to work, and to emerge from the field of poppies still singing, hearts bursting with alive joy.

Email me to learn more about following this path together: beth@financialwellness.coach.

All who truly want this work are welcome.