Let’s say this life is one big long college course.

This Spring and Summer I apparently enrolled in “Endeavoring to Remember The Essence of Truth While Self-Inflicted Busyness Spins Through Each Day Like A Mini-Cyclone”.

(Full title was too long for the printed course catalog, so they went with the mysterious yet hopefully intriguing, “Truth In Times of Cyclones”. March 2016-July 2016 24/7)

I imagine that many of you have enrolled in this same life course! Let’s compare notes!

1) How hard is it to have the time to catch your breath to set your priorities, much less stick to them in consistent action?!

2) Do you also get challenged when other peoples’ priorities come through more clearly than yours? Sometimes I can coast on someone else’s conviction for a while. But then I often have to backtrack and reconnect with my own lessons and desires.

3) Is it tricky for you, too, to even know what types of self-care to prioritize? Much less deal with any guilt or shame that arises from being in a situation where self-care is even possible? How do you make your best decisions about spending time and money, especially if both are somewhat limited for you?

4) When you’re cruising away on the to-do list, scheduling and keeping appointments, feeding yourself and others, etc…is it hard to slow down enough to track your finances? If you do take the time to track them, is it hard to then process what the numbers mean for your past, present and future?

5) And, OMG, don’t even get me started on what it takes to pull out of the heavy flow of daily stuff to plan for 6 months, a year, and 5 years down the line! (My head is spinning. I need a hall pass even thinking about this right now!)

6) I upped my life game this year, and set the intention that 100% of what I choose to do is NOURISHING. 2016 is teaching me that I know how to survive and run to keep up, being reactive to the toll it takes on my wellness. Getting things done while also having a deeply connected life…well, you see, it’s perfect that I’m currently enrolled in Truth in the Time of Cyclones. What better way to learn how to be universally nourished, than every day have challenges to apply to it.

7) The faster I move, the louder the perfectionism and self-judgment gets. Does this happen for you too? I know not everyone out there has perfectionism, but I also know many of us live with it regularly. I’m so grateful for the loving voices in my life, who help counter the internal critic. (Trust me, take takes a village to help with that one!!!)

8) I’ve found it helpful to have a Daily Self-Care checklist. (i.e. meditate. write gratitudes. drink a green drink. have a real conversation with someone in real time. stretch.)  In this current college course, I have literally run out of printed checklists and it is now sitting on my list to print more daily checklists! (Also, I’m glad to email you my document if you would find that helpful. Just ask me at beth@lovethezeros.com)

I’d be so glad to hear your thoughts, ideas, and challenges, if your life course is in full swing like this, as well.

I think of budgeting as just putting numerical values on my priorities. That’s it. I have a certain amount of money that I can spend, save, or give. Basically everything comes down to that. The budget makes sure that there are enough dollars for my needs first, then my wants.


Sharing Advance Praise

Bari Tessler is a therapist I have admired for years, and I’m so proud of her for getting her book out! My copy is on the way to my local Book Passage. But if you like my stuff enough to be on my newsletter, I bet you will love her stuff, too! She used to live in the Bay Area, trained at CIIS in the Somatics program before I was there, and now lives in Boulder, CO. Congratulations, Bari, and thank you for your wisdom and sparkle!

Here’s how to buy the book, hot off the presses: http://baritessler.com/art-of-money-book-2/

(PS Nothing to disclose about any referral fees or anything, just sharing it because I think it can be of great benefit to all of us)


For Self-Employed Folks

Hey. we’re halfway through the year.

Did ya get those Q2 quarterly estimated income taxes in yet? Or at least in a savings account, where that money no longer looks spendable to you!

Do you know your metrics of how you’d like to finish this year financially?

What inspirational material are you “feeding” yourself? If you’re looking for a couple of suggestions (other than Bari mentioned above) here are some things that bring me great joy and clarity…

http://bit.ly/MarieForleoTop10  For bite-sized inspiration

http://bit.ly/MarieForleoConsistency For staying consistent with getting things done (ahem, budgeting and tracking fits right in to this, IMHO)  (note the cyclone in #3!)

http://bit.ly/NInaSimoneArt and http://bit.ly/NSCurious  For Goddess time

http://bit.ly/JKZMediBackground For meditation support

Above all else, you can look in the mirror today and say,
“You’re doing really well”…..


The types of things we can cover in financial wellness coaching sessions include but are not limited to:

-coming up with an initial budget

-tailoring a tracking system to your needs and rhythms

-exploring how family dynamics affect your spending/saving/earning/giving

-practicing healthier communication about money-related topics

-how you can increase your flow of income

-supporting you through transitions like leaving employment and starting self-employment; divorce; a death in the family; getting married and getting clear about how you’ll handle money together; retiring

May we all get blessed support for whatever life course is getting us our greatest lessons at this time!