Hello, self-employed, entrepreneurial women!


Tonight I will be cascading inspiring resources of #womendoingcool stuff (hollah at http://www.thehivery.com) your way. I’ll tell my updated story and make sure to give credit where credit is due. Thanks to all of you who are out there bringing consciousness to your business activities!It has been such a joy to become woven into the women’s coworking space here in Mill Valley, The Hivery (again, http://www.thehivery.com). I hadn’t even realized how thirsty for connection I had gotten, working from my studio home base so often.

I have a question for you…what, at the moment, is the most important business expense you are choosing?(email me at beth@financialwellness.coach, and let her rip, I am all ears. And eyes.)

I adjusted my consultation rates today. Up. My fabulous website designer, Abby Kojola, turned those change requests right around. Teamwork is dreamwork. Look at this, she’s got new web digs coming soon!

What are those changes, you might ask? Here ya go:

I have learned through years of on-the-job experimentation, that relational, ongoing work means the world to me. And, as far as I can tell, it’s the most likely route to lasting change. One-off client sessions are in my past for now. Welcome to the power of the Series! So excited for this new chapter in bloom.


Otherwise in bloom….I am now a Profit First Professional! What does that even mean?!

Megan of The Bootstrap Boutique has thrown down a wonderful explanation of the Profit First system. Check her out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqcEeQ5GnsQ (Hi Megan!)

I recorded 3 thought sessions about my own implementation of Profit First. They are secret for now, but I would be glad to share them with YOU, if you want to hear them. 
(Email me to get the goods…)

Here is the home-base site, where you can also download 2 chapters of the book for free.

No matter how you do it, I want your business to realize profits. I want your love for yourself and your family/community to be reflected through how the business takes care of you financially.

Look, when I first hung my own shingle 8 years ago, I was scared to death, and had NO idea how much better it could get. I was tickled pink to get a house-cleaning gig at first…yay, someone would pay me, for anything!…and then got fired after 3 visits. (Still not a great cleaner, alas.)

This entrepreneurial path can be the equivalent of 8 seconds on the rodeo bull.

AND we get to learn about ourselves and our internal calling. We get to grow up and grow out when it comes to self-care and making agreements that are supportive of everyone involved. It can be hard, and badass, and thrilling, and bring out every insecurity leftover from junior high.

Let’s do this together. Let’s say Yes to each others’ successes. Which means each of us choosing profitability. It increases our choices and options.
This phase in world news, Charlottesville, etc., has challenged so many of our hearts and minds. I don’t have answers for the tremendous depths of healing that are clearly necessary for coexistence to be possible.

I do know:

it feels better to love, than not
it feels good to connect with you, like-minded women
my financial stability/eventual overflow can support those on justice’s front lines
I cannot help everyone, but I can help some handle their lives with dignity

If you charge for your services, you might dig this…
“People will be delighted to pay you what you’re worth, if you just tell them how.”
Being Boss minisode on talking openly about money, https://beingboss.club/podcast/minisode-blogging-about-money

Thanks for forwarding this message to other ladybosses you know.

Housekeeping FYI…my old email address, beth@lovethezeros.com is out of commission after a few years of holding on to the domain. So if you had that one stored in your contacts, go ahead and delete it. Beth@financialwellness.coach replaces it. I know there are some folks out there who emailed me at the old one and never heard back from me. If that was you…so sorry, it never made its way to me!

Email me to learn more about following this financial wellness path together: beth@financialwellness.coach