I’ve noticed something important for your happiness.
If you looooove your accountant and/or bookkeeper, you don’t even have to keep reading. Maybe you send them Harry and David pears for the holidays, with genuine gratitude for how they help you. Maybe y’all invite each other to family weddings and whatnot. You can be in Category A: Lovebugs.

I know there are enough of you NON-Lovebugs, that I had to write about it. Especially as tax season begins.

Love or hate are not the only 2 options. There are many of you who have not yet hired or will not hire someone to do your bookkeeping or your taxes. This flavor gets 2 labels.

Category B: It’s too scary to let someone see and handle my money details. Maybe you’ve been betrayed before by a financial professional and vowed you would handle it yourself from here on out. (If so, I highly recommend Geneen Roth’s book Lost and Found.) Maybe the set of to-do’s it would take to even find and hire someone has been too daunting.

Category C: DIY You don’t need that service enough to spend the money.  Other suckas can keep paying people to do what Turbo Tax and Mint.com handle just fine, thank you very much. Maybe so. Maybe you are right, and it’s worth it to you to take your own time to do it and cover your own back if an audit pops up, knock on wood.

This message is for folks in Category D: The Haters.
Don’t get me wrong. I know there are some laaaaaame financial professionals out there. I’ve been in Category D, myself. I’m definitely not saying that anger and frustration are unwarranted. Here are some of the typical complaints people have about their accountants and/or bookkeepers:

~they just disappeared, just completely ghosted me
~they are very rude and I hate talking to them, so I just don’t
~they made a mistake on my taxes and didn’t take responsibility for it
~they are condescending and I always leave our conversations feeling smaller and more ashamed than when I walked in
~they talk too fast and I don’t know what they are saying but I don’t feel comfortable asking them to clarify it
~they charge WAY too much money for what I’m getting and I wasn’t educated about what they would expect is reasonable to charge
~they only want my money, they don’t care about whether it’s done right or not
~they send me scary letters demanding something by a certain date, then don’t respond to me for weeks if not months
~they get lost in the details and don’t keep my big picture values in mind
~they don’t treat me as if I’m a human with feelings

 I do get this. And the frustration and fear can be exacerbated by the money that’s involved. It’s a very interesting situation we live in, in the US at least. We pay federal taxes and most of the time something to our state of residence, as well. Then if we want to sell stuff other than our time, there is usually sales tax due, which is a whole other ball of wax to conquer. Well, if one can ever really conquer wax. But I digress.

If you are in Category D, are you ready to find some compassion for your accountant and/or bookkeeper? Are you ready to see them through the lens through which you would like to be seen?

I recorded food-for-thought exercises for those of you ready to let go of resenting your Accountant and/or Bookkeeper. Please enjoy these with my blessing, and send them to anyone else who might have some resentments to transform into more positive energy.

You know what they say….resentment is like swallowing poison and then waiting for the other person to die. There is a better plan for you!

Listen Now To Shift That Perspective
(Please note that I’m not suggesting you keep working with your current accountant or bookkeeper. That is a different matter entirely. This is only about letting go of resentment and replacing it with a healthier experience. Sometimes it can help to make a more clear decision about staying or going, to clear the resentment before making major changes.)
I use Gusto (pronounced Gus-toe) for payroll and benefits tracking for a client with 3 employees and have been very happy with their service. (Lemme know if you want the referral link to get a lil’ discount on payroll.)

Anyhoo, they put together a handy article about the tax changes and it’s worth sharing.


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