(Shoutout to my brother Charlie. We used to watch Green Acres as early social studies. Yes, some of you might need to YouTube this TV reference. )

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I am loving this era of ever more people willing to say the real deal out loud. The podcast Death, Sex & Money compiled this cool list of people just saying 1 thing they are proud of and 1 thing they are ashamed of around class.

Check it out, it’s fascinating: http://dsmclass.community/

Mine with money and class today would be

I’m proud that I’ve gone from knowing nothing about money to learning bookkeeping, how the stock market works and how to participate, how to talk about money with just about anyone, and how to save for things in advance.

I’m ashamed that I still worry about money so often, and keep more to myself than I think I should, even though I have access to so many privileges.

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My first Profit First Implementation group has met 3 out of 4 times. It has been so gratifying to talk both philosophy of this system I am enjoying and benefitting from, as well as share the very specific details of how one goes about implementing Profit First in their business.

One of the group members gave me permission to share her feedback:

“It’s interesting because my natural inclination is to avoid any such meetings and reviews. It is why I have hired bookkeepers, CPA’s and Production/Project Managers to deal with the details. My philosophy has been, “I make the money, someone else can manage it” which I think can be done, but not by my level of avoidance. PF is motivating in that I know by looking at the numbers and following the model, it’s about making a profit rather than managing expenses and losses. I hope that makes sense, but it’s given me an incentive and pathway to making peace with finances. :)”

There is hope when it comes to getting clarity and peace of mind when it comes to entrepreneurial finances. We learn how to pay ourselves appropriately and as a consistent priority. We learn how to have the money already there for income taxes when it’s needed. We learn more about our values and making the most out of the money we do have coming into the business.

Let me know if you are interested in participating in a future implementation group!  There is dial-in access so it’s available to you wherever you are.

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Financial Wellness Coaching Curriculum
~ Budgeting/Tracking/Goal Setting and Reaching
~ Mindfulness with Money: With Self and Other(s) (meditation, acceptance, intuition)
~ Boundaries with Money: Beliefs, Resolving Past Hurts and Fears, Communication Skills, Valuing Your Time As Invaluable
~ Profit First Implementation for small business owners: 10% organizing the cash management system, and 90% behavior and follow-through
I recommend Episode #148 of Behind the Brilliance, an excellent interview podcast for upwardly mobile women and the men who want to hear from us. Tonya Rapley, pictured above, created the site http://myfabfinance.com. I really appreciated her honesty and accessibility in this interview. And, in the midst of my loving it and knowing I would share it with you, she recommended Profit First! They also touch on spirituality, class, and career transitions.
I’m swimming in gratitude that I get to work with people on this topic of financial wellness. A true path to liberation lives here. We put attention on it, it gets better. We neglect it, it gets worse. Just like so many of the dynamic aspects of our lives.

The fear and intimidation that so many people feel when facing this topic stem from the unknowns in life. May you be blessed with knowing what you can change, and find the grace to accept what you cannot change right now. May you find sustainable honesty, warmth, and self-respect to live your most wonderful life!

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