Here is a new video on the nature of dealing with fear when it comes to finances. That dreaded “F” word can block us, make us act too hastily, or just all around wreak havoc when not put in its proper perspective. I’m not immune from experiencing it, so know that if you’re been tangled up in some fear, you’re not alone.

I hope these words and thoughts serve you well. Feel free to email me your fear stories, of triumph or any other flavor!

The Group. The Sangha. Safety In Numbers. Never Alone.

Something that this year’s fabulous set of experiences taught me, was how important it is to be seen, known, and heard by others.

Especially others who are healthy and committed to their own growth. Who are well-resourced and in to mutual wins.

I’m inviting 13 people to take part in a Financial Wellness Group for 2017.

A group that is committed to setting and attaining realistic, enlivening, meaningful financial goals. A group that gets it that dealing with money is about SO much more than money…it’s tied in with our sense of purpose, community, inner value, and personal freedom.

Does this description fit you? Group members:
Are committed to clarity and honesty with themselves about their relationship to money.
Realize and embrace that financial success is like tending a garden. It takes work, patience, and willingness to get the hands a bit dirty sometimes.
Are interested in the personal growth aspects that arise with studying this part of life.
Admit when they know something, when they don’t, when they are stumped by something, and when they want help.

If being a part of this group is calling to you already, apply here:

(application process now closed)

Each group member gets a one-on-one, quarterly half hour session with me via phone or Skype. It’s up to you to reach out to schedule, and we can meet any time within each quarter.


Each session will be a focused review of your top goals and questions to answer, and putting together your personal timeline for reaching these goals. We will track your completed goals and open items together to make sure your traction grows in the financial growth area.

Each group member can choose if they want to make their identity known to others in the group. If so, you can reach out to each other for further accountability, and being witnessed when that would be helpful. We’ll use a secret Facebook group for communicating and keeping the motivational fires stoked.

Each quarter will also come with a reading suggestion for study and practice, so we’ll cover different teachers and approaches that I think might best fit for you. These suggestions will be shared with the group, as well.

By signing up for this, you will ensure that this topic gets nourished and attended to throughout the year.

Want in? Go ahead and submit your information here, and I will let you know if we can move ahead together!

The cost of the yearlong program is $400 total.

I look forward to supporting your financial wellness!
Looking for a woman’s group in the Bay Area?

My longtime friend and fellow traveler of the spiritual path, Ashley Miller, is offering an 8-week women’s group next year that I highly recommend.

I’ve heard so many women benefit from being in circle with other women. Being able to express themselves honestly and boldly. Being able to talk about anything and everything. It’s a very special space.

If this calls to you, check out Ashley’s offering….
Are You A Therapist? Or someone who sets their own fees professionally?

I recently won the metaphorical lottery to make the acquaintance of Tiffany McClain. She is the bee’s knees! Thanks to Emily Gordon, a delightful Bay Area therapist as well (, for connecting us and knowing we would be able to make some professional magic together.

Tiffany wrote a kick-butt article, busting myths therapists may have around setting and raising fees. It’s great for therapists, and I believe also applies to a variety of those who offer fee-based services. (She had me at P & L is not “poppin and lockin”)

I also enjoyed this article of Tiffany’s, about how much to pay for therapy, and what to consider when making that choice. Complicated stuff, and we don’t have to stay silent in the process.
Female Business Owner in the Bay Area?

Consider attending the next Sunset Social! I will be there with bells on.

Kirsten Shaw, who does strategic writing and coaching as her own business, has built a fun tribe of women who will meet on Thursday, February 16 at Local Take at Judah and 9th in San Francisco.

Here’s her description…

“ABOUT SUNSET SOCIAL: I founded this happy hour series for creative and entrepreneurial women because I wanted more community around the things I care about. We meet every other month at a different female-forward local business to gather inspiration, ideas and support among likeminded ladies.”

Here is Kirsten’s own website, especially if you’ve been looking for support around words for your brand and mission that represent you just right!
Hey, I hope you have tremendously wonderful holidays, whatever you celebrate or not. I wish you optimal sanity with spending choices when it comes to presents, food, time, and attention. A friendly reminder that giving and receiving love and appreciation is totally free!