Dear You Well-Intentioned, Hard-working, Irreplaceable Person,

unnamedI can promise you a few things, based on a lot of research by myself and others:

  1. If you survive the next 2 months, you have some big holidays in store. That comes with a barrage of decisions, both financially and schedule-wise.
  2. There are many forces outside and inside of you that want you to SPEND BIG AND IMPULSIVELY, as if peaceful choices cannot coincide with happy holidays. The messaging will be constant.
  3. As 12-step says, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Under the easiest of circumstances, most people spend more than they earn when planless. Crank up the pressure (commercials, family traditions, colder/less comfortable weather, seasonal affect disorder, extra tired from extra social obligations, super-amped kiddos, etc.), and it is that much harder to stick to your financial goals and priorities.
  4. If you have no limits on your money, always have access to your true Yes and No answer to every question, and never feel bothered by what others think of you….wow, way to go, 2014 Buddha! ¬†Otherwise, the rest of us are still works in progress when it comes to these aspirations. Holiday time puts the WORK in WORK IN PROGRESS. Let’s get to work…having the kind of fun we want, at the prices that are sustainable, with the people with whom we can share real joy.


Beth Crittenden
President, Your Fan Club
CEO, Holiday Hangovers Suck and Are Avoidable

unnamed-1Different people have different kinds of money weirdness that can arise during the holidays. Do you spend more than you can actually afford, to try and impress people or make up for ways you perceive you have fallen short? How could you spend more reasonably this year? Do you act like the holidays are not happening, wear a paper bag over your head until January 5, and refuse to flex at all? How could you adopt some of the cheer and gratitude that the holidays are meant to remind us of?I find it very motivating to share my goals with another person, and then keep them posted on my progress (both positive and negative). I encourage you to find that person…or use me in the meanwhile!Feel free to share with me or us, any holiday challenges and how you plan to address them.You can either email me at, or tweet @bethcrittenden1122 and use #saneholidays.

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List of Fiscal Fitness Basics, If You Want ‘Em

Thanks for reading this. I am so grateful to be able to work with good people who get clearer, happier, and more relieved as they put in to practice some simple tools and discipline. Here’s hoping you get everything you actually want through these holidays! My wish list: connection, fulfillment, clarity, tennis lessons, and letting those I love know all about that priceless love!