Love The Zero, Beth Crittenden

Who Am I?

Love The Zero, Beth CrittendenTeacher. Meditator (imperfectly, of course). Tennis player (rated 3.5, if you’re in the know). Recovering Type-A. Lover of Life Experience. Big fan of Maria Bamford’s comedy. Ecstatically self-employed. Born Southerner, common-law Bay Area-ite by now.

I don’t work with money because I feel obligated to, or because I discovered I was good at it and it seemed like the best career choice. Quite to the contrary, working with money did not come naturally to me at first. It’s a spiritual path that I just eventually embraced.

My first offering in self-employment was as a professional organizer. I was searching for my next passion, and noticed that people asked me for advice in that area. (I like to say that I use my OCD tendencies for good not evil.) Organization just makes sense to me, always has. So that was fun.

Around the same time, I was lucky enough to have a financial mentor find me. Someone who had completed Dave Ramsey’s coach training program, and was patient with my resistance to looking at my personal financial behavior. I think I cried in every session for 6 months. It was SO uncomfortable. You might ask, why? Because I was stuck in that area. I was trying to live life without confronting the money topic. I felt so much shame and fear around the topic that it was almost unbearable.

Luckily, working with a skilled and compassionate counselor tipped the scales for me, and I eventually embraced the practice of making and living by a monthly spending plan, putting money aside to love my future self, and delving more deeply in to understanding the flow of money in our society.

A teacher of mine once said, if you see someone who is in a hole, you could do a couple of things to help. You could do your best to pull them out. But what if they fall in again? They will be dependent on you to pull them out every time. So the second option is to teach them what helped you get out of the hole, and encourage them as they climb out. I was taught how to climb out of the money-unconsciousness hole, and I now teach others to climb out of that hole, as well.

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