I love this work now.

And I used to absolutely dread it.

I was terrified, and thought the key to happiness was just neither needing nor wanting money. (That didn’t work out as planned, alas.)

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And I used to dread it.

I was terrified, and thought the key to happiness was just neither needing nor wanting money. (That didn’t work out as planned, alas.)

My mission statement as a financial wellness coach:

Through sharing inspiration and wisdom, I hold space for people to develop the financial practices and clarity that lead to their best lives. I believe that self-love is of the highest order, and can be expressed through financial health. The numbers and the emotions are equally sacred and relevant.

Supporting people around financial wellness and clarity is a cherished part of my life. Here are the elements that combined to teach and continuously inspire me to do this work.

Financial + Wellness + Coach


Part of our work is practical. The dollars are what they are, and it can be so grounding and clarifying to know the dollar amounts, tax responsibilities, budget figures, etc.


Practical doesn’t have to mean dry or boring. This is your precious life we are talking about, after all! That is a really big deal! We work on how financial choices and personal values can and will intersect to support each other favorably.


A coach sees you, can educate and can make suggestions about best practices. A coach also helps you incorporate what you're learning into your particular life circumstances. Coaching moves a good potential idea into ongoing reality. And that ongoing practice is what creates the result of financial wellness in the long run. This is a marathon, not a sprint. 

  • My StrengthsFinder Gallup results: Restorative/Woo/Communication/Responsibility/Empathy

  • Enneagram Position: One

  • Human Design Strategy: Projector

  • Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies: Obliger

  • Professional Associations

  • I completed the Profit First Professional certification and spent a year studying with that organization. Though I'm no longer active with PFP, it is a fantastic cash management system for small business owners. I highly recommend the book and YouTube videos available on implementing Profit First. 
  • I'm the parttime (and remote) Practice Manager for a veterinary rehab clinic in Pacifica called A Well Adjusted Pet. I have been working with the powerhouse Dr. Ilana Strubel since she was just starting a housecall business in San Francisco, and it teaches me a lot about all aspects of running a small business with employees.
  • I'm the CFO and a mindfulness-based coach for an organization called Mindful Life, Mindful Work. Peoples' freedom motivates me deeply, and I do believe that freedom starts in the soul.

My Teachers and Guiding Practices

Behavioral Econ.

Research and analysis that helps explain our financial motivations and occasional madness

Byron Katie

I highly recommend The Work for questioning painful thoughts and beliefs, and finding freedom from them

Financial Therapy Association

Strong alliance of financial planners + psychologists producing some fascinating and helpful research

Tosha Silver

Recommended to me by my therapist, Tosha's prayers and meditations on Divine Abundance are practical and supportive

Somatic Psychology

Body-based therapeutic approaches, healing beyond talking

Dave Ramsey

Debt elimination, wealth-building, service-based leadership for entrepreneurs

Jen Sincero

Letting your badassness shine, consciously creating your best life, enjoying wealth

Family recovery & systems

As they say, "look back without staring". Getting clarity on how we are affected now by early authority figures is a game-changer

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Simple, effective cash management system that scales for all business sizes, getting clarity on appropriate spending and owner pay


Creative expression and pursuit, “we’re born and then the rest is drag”, making sure work output is appropriately respected financially

Partner Dancing

Infinite depths of wisdom and rhythmic FUN. Deep study of connection and cooperation. 


Focus on doing the best you can with the ball that comes your way; "Pressure is a privilege"