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I’m excited that Serena and Venus Williams once again played each other at a tenny tournament. AND at the same tournament where they were treated horribly by racist idiots many years ago. (They boycotted it until they were ready to give it another try.)  These women teach me so much about strength, perseverance, and also being just as fancy as I feel like. They’re champion athletes, savvy businesswomen, moms to pets and now baby Olympia for Serena. (Who had a very complicated delivery and once again overcame major health challenges to get back onto the world stage of tennis competition. They both have dealt with health conditions that would have me want to make a nest-shelf under my bed and get 3 squares/day delivered from Postmates.)

My all-or-nothing mind used to tell me I had to choose…

avid athlete OR business owner
creative artist OR organized person with her s*** together
family woman with nourishing relationships OR high achiever
spiritual practitioner OR financially wealthy person
physically healthy/well-rested OR professionally successful

You’ve probably seen little sprinklings here and there about my work with https://www.mindfullifemindfulwork.com/. It is SO COOL to be building a company where consciousness infuses every interaction. I mean, I’ve done a good job of that in my solo practice, but to do it with others as we expand the possibilities of what we can offer together, is extremely gratifying. We are supporting each other in expecting to enjoy what we offer professionally as well as benefit in sustainable ways. I share this because it inspires me to talk about it. I want you as happy and healthy as you want to be. No one else knows YOUR best answers for right now. The wellness coaching, regardless of topic, hopefully, helps you clear the way to knowing yourself better, and caring for yourself in action. There’s just one you, and most of us are super glad you’re here. (The others, as Jack Kornfield quotes, are just the ones with harder-to-recognize-Buddha-Nature.)

This article is a good, quick read: http://time.com/money/4959211/whitney-cummings-money-essay-im-fine/

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Wow, when trying to find a good picture for this section, I discovered that there is a suite of business services to exorcise computer demons. So just for the record, I don’t mean that kind, I mean the metaphorical kind.

I found a great computer guy in Marin, who also serves people throughout the Bay Area. I asked him would he give us some tips on keeping financial data secure in our ‘puter ‘chines. This is what Niko Ackermann had to say:

  1. “Use complex passwords. Do not include personally identifiable information, like your name, initials, dog’s name, address #, street name, portions of your phone number, etc. there are ways to make these easy to remember, but it is better to…
  2. Use a password manager. In addition to generating and storing complex passwords for all the different sites that you visit, being accessible on all devices, and from anywhere online, a password manager also helps you to…
  3. Avoid password overlap. If you use the same or similar passwords for multiple sites, then when one gets compromised, the hackers will be able to quickly check other sites to see if you had the same password and steal your identity or money.
  4. Use 2-factor authorization. Although it is a bit of a pain, 2-factor authorization makes things much much safer!
  5. Don’t email sensitive information. Would you write your SSN on a postcard? No. Because anyone could see it. Email is similar, don’t email around your passwords and don’t email around other sensitive information. Tell it to people on the phone, or through encrypted messaging services.

These are a few tips amongst many best practices that we can review with a consultation from netwrk.biz.”

Niko and his Dad run their family business with a great combination of smarty-pants techy acumen, along with friendly old-fashioned customer service. See, they haven’t chosen one or the other, either! #newslettertheme

They can support your one-off computer or provide ongoing remote maintenance for businesses with multiple machines.

AND they are permaculture renaissance men and treat the Earth extremely well. Dreamy to support that kind of business, right?!

Lemme know if you want an intro and I’ll make it happen~

Big thanks to Sooz Fassbender of http:// ConnectingDotz.com for having the excellent taste to send me this blog post:

Financial Planning for Artists…http://bit.ly/FP4Artists

I love supporting creative folks. You do you!!

Financial Wellness Coaching Curriculum
~ Budgeting/Tracking/Goal Setting and Reaching
~ Mindfulness with Money: With Self and Other(s) (meditation, acceptance, intuition)
~ Boundaries with Money: Beliefs, Resolving Past Hurts and Fears, Communication Skills, Valuing Your Time As Invaluable
~ Profit First Implementation for small business owners: 10% organizing the cash management system, and 90% behavior and follow-through
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How Beth Works With Clients
Happy Recent Birthday to Bae. The cringing guy in the background was TOTAL COINCIDENCE at the birthday fete, not at all him feeling ashamed to be seen with me in those fabglasses!

Also, prayers welcome as my brother and his wife wait any day now for Baby #2 to join the rest of us out here as individually-operating units!! <3