Gosh, I wish I could directly send you HOLIDAY SANITY, right through this email. If you want it.

So Much Goodness To Share With You

Holiday gifts don’t have to be dumb or forced. Says me.

Here are some Love the Zeros prayers for you. And me.

  • Right now, feel your seat in your seat. Right now, take a few breaths and enjoy them no matter what else is swirling around in your schedule or between your ears!
  • Your money is your money, regardless of where it came from. I pray that you use it well…during the holidays and beyond.
  • We’re in the midst of a whipping frenzy of consumer decisions and advertisements. My prayer is that we have built the consciousness to still make peaceful buying decisions, even when things like Black Fridaystampedes are in the air.
  • I pray that you discard thinking anything is “too expensive” outside of the context of your well-being. There is no 1 exact price point for anything. When I’m considering gifts for myself and others, I want to run it through the filter of my overall financial picture as well as my intuition. And it helps me to remember that there is a big difference between: “That’s too expensive”, and “I wish I didn’t have to pay that much to acquire that (thing or experience).” Get it? This is a big mindshift.

All of those prayers in mind and at heart, buying can be a beautiful part of the holiday process. I get just as excited as anyone to pick out gifts that I think my loved ones may love. And, I tend to get ME a gift, too!

So some ideas have come together for your potential delight. Read on for some soulful, high-quality ideas for the holidays, or to make a part of your 2015 spending plan if that works better for your finances!

Gift Idea #1

I’ve come across more than a handful of people who have experienced trauma in their past. Something that deeply shook their sense of safety, and even belonging in the world. The work I’ve done with my therapist to heal from trauma has made a HUGE difference in my feeling more free and open-hearted. Trauma can be held in the body in reaction to a wide range of external experiences.
Readers of this newsletter who want to do high-quality work to heal their trauma and self-worth issues, get a very special offer. My friend and esteemed colleague Loren Hadassah has a business called Embodied Evolution. And I know that her work is deep, clear, and potent! Check out her website here: http://lorenhadassah.com/   She offers a range of services, all which naturally serve healing and clarity. Somatic therapy and massage are some of the delights available.
Instead of paying $140 for a first session with Loren, readers of this newsletter can pay $75! (I know, do a double-take on that one. It’s an amazing deal.)
And in the holiday spirit, I am matching that offer. First-time counseling folks can get a session with me as well for $75. I am happy for you to do a session with either of both of us; whatever feels right to your intuition.
This is a combination of wanting a wider audience to be able to receive our work, as well as giving thanks for the help we have been given along the way from a very special mentor we have in common.
Only thing is, this is for people who mean it and are ready now. Purchase either or both first sessions no later than Dec 31, 2014, and then you can have the session any time between purchase time andMarch 31, 2015.
Go forth and heal!

Gift Idea #2

I’m a podcast connoisseur. One of my favorites isThe Broad Experience.

Sure, I heart host Ashley’s refined accent. Also, the content and topics are stimulating and inspiring.
Listen and read more: http://www.thebroadexperience.com/  Ashley writes a blog, too. I love it that these formerly taboo topics can be “out there” for anyone who will engage. Especially women in business for themselves!

Let me know if you have any favorite episodes! “When Women Work for Free” had to have been made after staring in my brain and calendar. (Busted!!)

Gift Idea #3

I always like to get scooped on little local secrets. Especially before they get big and popular! So I’m returning the favor here…enjoy your scoop!

2 of my favorite clients are Dave and Jackie Bos. Just awesome, fun, heart-warming people. They are out of Calistoga. Not only do they do organic, biodynamic vineyard management in the North Bay and the East Bay, they also have their own wine label! They do 100% of it, and all with exquisite care.

I love watching their wines come to be. I love their highly humane and respectful business practices, as well as their refined tastes (while also focusing on the fun of it). If you enjoy wine, or need to pick up some reliably awesome gifts, check them out! http://www.boswine.com/current-release   And please tell them that Love the Zeros sent you!

Gift Idea #4

Another freebie that I think is very worth your time!

You know how a lot of people don’t/won’t talk about their investment choices? Yet we hear all the time things like, “you should save more money”, “save as early as possible for compounding interest”, etc.

I am really enjoying OpenFolio. It’s a way to see others’ investment strategies, as well as track your own, without sharing any amounts! I think it’s brilliant.

I also like it for curated market trend information. You can follow groups or topics, as well as well-known folks who do well with their investing choices.

This won’t do all the work for you, but that’s not the point. This is for those folks who want a higher degree of exchanging information about their investment strategies and choices. I also like it for the folks who invested based on what someone else told them, but didn’t really understand it. Sign up for OpenFolio, and it will help with some of the “translation” of what you were guided to do with your money. Better late than never, right?!

They sent me a factsheet that gives some interesting stats. I like it how it breaks down some of the assumptions that are out there about who to trust for investment advice. Let me know if you’d like me to send it you! Just email me atbeth@lovethezeros.com.

I have just 1 part of my investments in my profile so far, because they are working on adding access to another company that I use. But if you want to follow me,  go: https://openfolio.com/profile/50988705/#user_activity

Wow. Well, I’ll see you or at least write to you next year! I truly hope you strike that nice balance of living as if it’s your last holiday AND that you can have 50+ more holidays if you want to.My practice keeps sending me back to, not much else matters other than Love. There are so many ways to love. I get to research some of them by studying our financial feelings and interactions. If you would like to do this work as well, I will be so glad to explore it together.

I’m going on silent retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Center next week. So, between Dec 8 and Dec 14, no phones or computers for me. I dedicate the merits of whatever happens there to the guiding spirit that makes this business, as well as all of my happiness possible. Thank you for the part you play in that!

C’est moi.Beth Crittenden

Financial Organizer and Counselor

Love the Zeros