Cheerio, Zeros-Lovers!

unnamedI’m excited to have found office space in my beloved Mill Valley. It’s just 2 little towns over the GG Bridge from SF. Beginning on October 27th, Monday days and nights are available in this little healing oasis. I can already tell some fabulous work is going to happen here. Now, both my home AND office are nestled in the redwood giants! Sweet. Come share it with me if you like.


The office was a Craig’s List find, but turns out I went to grad school for Somatic Psychology with the person sharing her office! Synchronicity #1. After we exchanged emails, she said she would call me to set up a time for me to come visit. That same day, I set my meditation timer for 15 minutes. After about 5 minutes, my internal voice said, “that’s enough for now, you can open your eyes”. I argued with the voice and wondered if I was just lacking the discipline to make it the full 15. The voice said even stronger, “open your eyes now”. As I did, I saw that she was calling and I was able to answer it even though the phone was silent. Synchronicity #2.


We arranged time that day for me to stop by. Turns out, this is the same place where I was taken to a very significant therapist session about 10 years ago…exactly the door across the hall from where I’m now renting. I mean, seriously, people! This stuff is so amazing! That’s #3.


As she and I were wrapping up, her phone started playing a song. She was shocked and said, “this has never happened before! I don’t even have iTunes on this phone!”  The name of the song….”Just Breathe”. I’ve been working with the concept of breath as my Higher Power lately. Deep breaths, fresh air, wind blowing things clean, that sort of thing. That was so neat to hear *that* song title the moment we were sealing the deal. Sure, could be a complete coincidence but it was so meaningful to me that I’m wrapping it up in #4.

When I encourage people to listen to their inner voice, this is the kind of miracle that seems to happen when we do. The more I listen, the stronger it gets. The less I listen, the harder it is to hear.

How can you listen today?

Here is the link for office times:

Mid-October money check-in…

What does a financially healthy year look like so far?

  • If you’re an independent contractor, you have filed 3 quarters’ worth of estimated income taxes with both the IRS (federal) and whatever state you file in.
  • If you have a Roth IRA, you’ve almost maxxed it out for the year up to the limits for singles or married folks. (The Roth is the one where you expect to be in a higher tax bracket when you’re in retirement age. I definitely do since I’m in to building wealth.)
  • You’ve met with your financial planner at least once to look at the balance of your funds. Y’all know I love me some Burgess Financial Planning in particular for my plan. I do not want to be alone with the decisions. I can take sole responsibility for taking the actions to build wealth, while also getting some competent, trustworthy professional help as a wise advisor and sounding board.
  • You have a HOLIDAY PLAN in place. You are not sitting in the blind spot of just hoping that this holiday won’t cost and arm and a leg. You’ve incorporated in to your plan how to have a bit more expense without going completely overboard and manufacturing a January financial hangover.
  • You’ve regularly expressed gratitude for what you DO have, and what is going well. You know you’re living in the relative lap of luxury compared to much of the rest of the world. Your heart is in a good place when it comes to this fleeting life experience. Amen.