What Do You See, Financially?

Hint: Whatever you’re expecting to see.

Quick: Write 4 things you expect when it comes to your money.


Did you write it yet?

I can wait.

OK great.

The other day, I was driving to play a tennis match. I had the location and the driving directions in my mind. I “knew” it. Yet, when I followed those directions, it led me to a place that didn’t offer a tennis court. It just wasn’t there.

I had NO DOUBT while I was driving there, that I would drive that way and get to the tennis court. My intuition asked me to check my phone for directions but I shoo’ed it away, because I “knew” where I was going.

I expected that I knew what to look for. I got what I was looking for, because I followed the path that my mind had decided on. That was compelling to me, so I started playing with that concept when it comes to money.

(In case you’re curious, I was in Oakland, and I had gotten Telegraph and Shattuck reversed in my mind. I drove down Telegraph, assuming it was Shattuck; I was so confident that I “knew”, that I didn’t need to read the street signs.)

4 things that I expect, deep down, when it comes to money:

~ Others will have more of it than I do; I will be the one who doesn’t “have” as much.

~ Prospective clients will push against my service rates, and try to talk me down; they won’t think I’m worth what I charge.

~ If I really let go and enjoy life, my money will go away while I’m not minding it. It won’t stay put unless I hold tight.

~ Someone’s just going to come along and take it away from me eventually, anyway (be it the IRS or the Grim Reaper), so why even bother saving money?

I know! Sad stuff! I don’t consciously go around believing these things. It might be even better for me if they were conscious all the time! This stuff is stuck inside of me, until I clean it out.

My conscious mind- let’s call it Shattuck- believes that I have a lot to offer, charge reasonably (or else I wouldn’t have decided to charge it, duh!), and that the world is a kind and loving place. Cool. I’m good to go, right? Why look any deeper when I don’t see any problem on the surface?

My unconscious mind – let’s call it Telegraph even though I might believe it’s Shattuck – holds these little pain pockets inside of me. When I feel ashamed, or afraid, it’s logical to want to hide Telegraph. Heck, I might even paint up a sign that says SHATTUCK, and slap it on top of TELEGRAPH. Look, everyone…it’s not Telegraph at all! (even though it is totally Telegraph underneath the Shattuck sign).

I used to roll my eyes at the people who believed The Secret. It seemed so misleading to me, that I wanted to stay far away from it. I was all, yeh yeh, get a job, people!

But I think the truth of it is actually in plain sight, as far as I can tell. When I believe that clients will not want to pay my going rate, that’s what I see. I might tell them over the phone what I charge; a pause ensues on their end………if I believe I know what they are thinking, then I take a trip to Anxiety City and might start tap dancing about how I can give them a deal, though, if that rate is too much.

How the heck do I know what’s going on, on their end? Maybe a hummingbird just flew up to their window, and they were entranced speechless! Maybe they were in disbelief at how little I charge for such an amazing service! Maybe their kid toddled in to the room, pooped on the floor, and they were holding their tongue so they don’t scream at the tot! I don’t know!

See why I wanted you to write down things you believe about money?

What are you looking for, in your financial life? In your career? In your tax audit? In your relationships? What are your thoughts priming you to see?

I would be so honored to be your guide in this exploration, in my own perfectly imperfect way.

I work with people to live in healthy harmony with their money.

You can come to my studio in Mill Valley.

I can come to you in the Bay Area, for an additional travel fee.

Or we can work together by phone, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.

My online calendar is here: https://hirefrederick.com/love-the-zeros-financial-coaching

My website is here: http://www.welovethezero.com/

Thanks for reading this! That must mean you ARE willing to look at the truth, and I bow to that. I live for that. I find it helps to look together sometimes. Use me for that, if you wish.

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How would you explain how you earn money to an 11 year-old?

I help businesses and individuals get organized with their money so that when they have to prepare their taxes it’s easy.  

What resources inspire you around how to handle your personal finances?

I belong to a program that has been a huge positive influence on my relationship with money. I find it very helpful to have a team of people to draw on – both experts in their fields and people who are there for general support. Having a spending and income plan keep me grounded in reality and help me to focus on spending in ways that enrich my life. I reach out to my support team when stressed or needing help with decisions.

As of today, do you wish you had more, less, or the same amount of money?


What advice do you have for people who owe large amounts relative to their income?

I recommend that people talk to their creditors and work out a payment plan that allows them the money to take care of their needs first.

What is currently your biggest personal challenge in your financial life?

I have the good problem of more work than I can handle right now. So balancing work, relationship, and personal time is a challenge.

What is 1 thing you’ve learned or practiced in the past year that has made it easier to deal with money?

Abundance for me comes from letting a higher power into my financial life in ways that I could not imagine on my own.  

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