(Whenever it is!) I have a gift for you

Here’s how to claim your gift:

Be. Curious.

It’s free to be curious. It’s always accessible. This gift keeps on giving.

If you ever:

  • are hard on yourself and criticize your thoughts and/or actions
  • feel frozen by fear or indecision around financial decisions
  • feel ashamed that you don’t know as much as you think you “should” about taking care of your finances
  • worry that there isn’t enough money for you now, or won’t be at some time in the future…..

Then this gift of Curiosity is for YOU. Go ahead. Claim it, starting now.

You can do it. Be curious without delay.
Here are some examples of putting your gift in to action:

  • What is just 1 thing you’ve wondered about, financially, that you could Google or ask someone about today?

Examples. How does the stock market work? What the heck is a Euro? Why do I get so tweaked when the bill comes at the restaurant?

BE CURIOUS.  There are no exactly right or wrong answers to most questions; just investigate. Put  on your Encyclopedia Brown hat . There is ultimately only one person holding you back from knowing whatever you’d like to know. (I know, within reason. But admit it, that’s true more often than not!)

  • Let’s say there is someone who you are tied to financially (spouse/family/boss, etc.). What is 1 thing you could try doing that would help you feel more free and clear in this financial relationship?

BE CURIOUS. Is there a question you’ve wanted to ask them? If you’re scared to ask it, how about practice with a friend first? Or free-write about  your thoughts and feelings without showing anyone the paper. I bet you’ll be amazed at how much benefit you can gain by taking 1 small step at a time.

  • Is there something on your paycheck that you don’t understand? THAT IS YOUR MONEY that you’ve been exchanging your time and skills for; I think you deserve to understand it as thoroughly as you want to!  

BE CURIOUS. How can you discover the answer to your question? This applies to employees, as well as independent contractors who might be fuzzy about what they are owed vs what came to them in that check or online payment.

  • Is there a repeated argument you have with someone about money?

BE CURIOUS. Do you fully understand where they are coming from? Have you tried using different language, or do you hear some repetition coming out of your mouth? Have the 2 (or however many) of you shared your situation with a neutral third party, to see if you can get a different perspective on the standoff? 

I have a tip for you that often works for me.

Imagine how the other person looked as a baby.

Especially when I’m perceiving that someone has power “over” me, it helps me to remember them in a wider spectrum of life experience. 

Well there’s a lot more where that came from, but Ill leave you with that for now. Please feel free to let me know what you experiment with, and how it goes! I’m rooting for you.

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Oh hi!   Beth Crittenden is a financial organizer  who loves teaching people how to live in healthy harmony with money. You can schedule online appointments here to explore your curiosity:   https://hirefrederick.com/love-the-zeros-financial-coaching

Some great starting points to this work are:

What is my financial net worth?

How and why do I do a budget?

I want to accomplish (x) goal in (x) time but I don’t know how to make it happen financially.

I keep avoiding this money stuff. How do I get started with making it healthy?

I am mortified at how I talk to (*whoever*) about finances. I don’t want to be that way…help me outta this cycle!

Just like anything, if you apply sincere effort and open-mindedness to the problem, it is bound to shift towards the best resolution. And if you don’t apply that effort, it is bound to get worse over time.   Yay, clarity! : )