Here’s to Less Lonely
Brene Brown really gets me going. LOVE her. I’m listening to Braving the Wilderness lately ( and I highly recommend it! Her research and reporting on the effects of loneliness (negative, as you may have guessed) have me thinking about applications to our relationship with finances.I’m as sure as sure can be that I was sent here on a mission to help others be with real emotions, in order to find their Truth; and often those “real” emotions are butt-kickers. For me, it has been essential to finding healthy communities in which I can work, play, study, and be seen. The “real work” in life often includes a mixture of solo journeying AND community connection at various times.

I am DELIGHTED to offer small groups each month during which 4 people, maximum, will check in about their finances and moving their money things forward in healthy ways. One group per month is focused on personal finances, and the other monthly group is focused on business finances.

Group work is not for everyone, just like one on one work is not for everyone. (Did I mention how over-the-moon delighted I am to be offering these groups now?! Yahoo!!!)

Going beyond loneliness does *not* mean just being around other people all the time. Most of us know that we can sometimes feel even more lonely being around others (if we’re not connecting). Sometimes we need to be alone with our process, and that’s true with money, too. People are often alone with financial decisions, challenging money conversations, fulfilling responsibilities, dealing with one’s own Shadow side (those repressed things that you may wish you didn’t feel or think, but there they are!).

I’ve seen so many people who are singularly responsible for tracking finances in their home or business. Wow, can that be lonely! These groups are both for people who want to learn more about organizing finances (and then help that person who has been flying Han Solo on the money thing), as well as the people who are carrying it on their shoulders and just want to receive some support and visibility around the process.

Brene in Wilderness also talks about our misconception that there is something to be ashamed about when we feel lonely. Not at all! It’s just a feeling, a neutral experience that may be indicating that something is lacking. I love the idea of someone finding this group offering, and releasing any shame they may have been carrying about feeling lonely when it comes to finances.

Ohhhh goodness, and speaking of shamey shame, I feel so sad at the people for whom one on one coaching is just too much of a financial stretch for right now. No shame in that, either! There have been plenty of years in my life that I would have needed to choose group work because it was more affordable!

If this idea interests you, please do join us for an upcoming group. They are drop-in if you want to try just one, or feel free to sign up for as many as you would like! Remember, limited to 4 people each time.
Business Finance Groups:
Aug 28 at 12:30pm PDT:

Sept 28 at 8:45am PDT:
Personal Finance Groups:
Sept 15 at 1:00pm PDT:

Oct 15 at 9:30am PDT:

The personal finance groups will happen mid-month. We’ll be checking in on how your budget is going (which requires keeping up with having a budget and tracking it!), as well as looking ahead at the rest of the month and the beginning of the next. I do this with my personal finances and it’s huge. SO helpful.

The business finance groups will happen near the end of the month. The best time usually to check on what is called Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (and if you don’t yet know what that means, that’s ok…do join us!). And businesses are usually based on client or product flow, so we’ll be checking in on those basics too, and discovering together what may help the finances flow even better for the business.

Here’s to Less Lonely. And my question to you is, with Less Lonely, what would you like to have MORE of?
(That is not rhetorical! Email me at
These group meetings are virtual and will happen via Google Hangout link. So one does need an internet connection, and a device to access them. (Phone or computer would work. Video is nice but not required.)If you are in a time zone that isn’t easily represented yet and would be interested to join us for future group work, please do let me know.

Well if you made it this far, let’s take a wilderness break together!

I was so fortunate to spend the past week camping out with a wonderful improviser.

Grateful for:

*time and space to make literal wilderness time possible

*actual view from our tent!  #natureporn  #noextracharge

*people who are protecting these sacred lands, tending them well, and listening to the land

*both wildfires that we saw burning during the trip (San Rafael and Point Reyes) were put out within hours. Thank you to the people who are fit, willing, and knowledgeable to handle emergency responses

*friends and loved ones willing to talk about my passionate interests…in personal growth, business development through the lens of practical spirituality, and finding shared humor in our challenges and growing pains

Ways You Can Work With Beth on your financial wellness (which includes living your values and/or shining as brightly as you would like to in life!):

1) One on one coaching
2) One on two coaching (Beth + a couple, or business partners)
3) The small groups I described above
4) Via the coaching collective of Mindful Life, Mindful Work (great for organizations who want mindfulness-based leadership training)


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Financial Wellness Coaching Curriculum
~ Budgeting/Tracking/Goal Setting and Reaching
~ Mindfulness with Money: With Self and Other(s) (meditation, acceptance, intuition)
~ Boundaries with Money: Beliefs, Resolving Past Hurts and Fears, Communication Skills, Valuing Your Time As Invaluable
~ Cashflow organization and planning for small business owners: 10% organizing the cash management system, and 90% behavior and follow-through
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