Love The Zero, Beth Crittenden

Why bother with all of this money fuss? and/or Why bother with all of this spiritual fuss?

What’s true for you?

I inherently don’t believe that “spiritual” people know how to handle money well. I judge “them” as flaky, fruity, up in the clouds, and weak in the ways of on-the-ground living. People of that description can’t be trusted with something as concrete as money, right? If I want to talk dollars and cents, leave the Divine out of it. Like, that kind of spirituality is kid’s play, and talking about real money is for the adults. Or, spirituality is something that I can practice because I want to be a good person, but when it comes to my actual *survival*, I need something more concrete than “just” spirituality.

I inherently don’t believe that “financial” people know the true meaning of life. I judge “them” as rigid, boring, and limited in perspective as to what truly matters. People of that description can’t be trusted with my feelings, and with my intuition; if it’s not concrete and visible, they won’t be able to relate, right? When I envision being on my death bed, I don’t want anyone showing me a balance sheet or breaking down investment fees. I want someone on my death bed who can be fully present with me in an intense transition, and just Be Love right there with me when it really counts.

So, here I am, with this assignment on Earth to help others and myself bring together this monumental divide between 2 extremely important aspects of life. Do you want to bring these things together in your life? Do you believe it’s possible to be both spiritually and financially successful in an integrated way?

Myself, I experience varying degrees of success on this issue. On my best days, I feel blessed by the vision of how they’re already united perfectly, and we’re just waiting for our scared little minds to catch up to realizing that. On my most challenging days, I have the scared little mind (which thinks it’s my God), and tells me Chicken Little-type stories about there not ever being enough, and how we are very much in danger.

Have you heard the story demonstrating the difference between faith and trust?
This tightrope walker is standing at the end of the rope, about to walk across the great height. Before she begins, she asks her assistant, “do you have faith in me?”

The assistant immediately assures her, “Oh yes, full faith. You’re going to do great!”.

The tightrope walker then asks her assistant, “Do you trust me?”

The assistant pauses for a moment, then says, “Definitely! Yes, I trust you.”

The tightrope walker produces a wheelbarrow, and with a smile, says to her assistant, “Climb in! We’ll cross the rope together!”

I’m mildly interested in what you have faith in when it comes to money. I have faith in peoples’ overall goodness and positive intentions. I have faith that most people will do their best to follow agreements and will play with the edges as much as their internal guidance inspires them to. (That internal guidance can be the proverbial angel, or devil, or probably some combo of both. I have faith that the stronger will win nearly every time.) I have faith that there is SOMETHING that is not me alone, which is making life happen.

I’m wildly interested in what you trust when it comes to money! Honestly, I am not as sure about what I truly trust. I’m working on connecting my behavior with money to my internal guidance, flavored with the combination of good advice I’ve heard from other people who are getting positive results from this good advice.

Do I trust God with my money?  Wow, what a challenging question. Easy to say, perhaps, but if I actually do trust God with my money, then why do I ever worry about losing it all? Why would I worry about people discontinuing paying for my services, if I truly trust that I’m a channel for Divine Inspiration? It’s embarrassing to tell you this; I wish I was already there in full faith AND trust, but my best truth is that the process so far has been fascinating, thrilling, confounding, and extremely worthwhile.

How do I know that it’s “my” money? What if there is an invisible flow which is sending it to me, then offering me opportunities to send it other places in the world? I don’t know for sure!! I know that some other people believe that; I know that still others believe that is a load of duck poop.

What do *I* believe? What do *I* trust? I know that my mind goes in and out of clarity, and that the clarity often seems to be tied to the actions I’m taking within society. Including how I behave with money.

When I try to be “just” financial, I notice my fear and scarcity tend to increase. So many scary news reports! Worst-case scenario thinking can drive me mad! “WHAT IF I GET NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA???!!!!” (before I exhibit any symptoms). Oh, and then there is the classic “compare-and-despair” where I start to notice how others seem to have so much more than I do! Enemies! Beat them! Guard against loss! Take them down!

When I try to be “just” spiritual, I notice my judging and vagueness tend to increase. It’s easier for me to look down on others who are striving for the Almighty Dollar when I feel I am above them in my non-striving. And, for a while, the “just spiritual” feeling was fabulous. There’s truly nothing like it. Just abiding in consciousness, and how the Grand Scheme of Things has already taken care of everything. No fretting necessary for me anymore. But then I start to get bugged by the stack of bills calling out, “pay me!”. It feels great to treat myself to massages, and retreats, and all of those wonderful things. But if I don’t have a balanced overall plan, on what am I basing my spending decisions for these spiritual activities?

It’s all good, truly. Whatever I have done or not already, is just part of my/your story.

What do you want your money story to be, starting today?

Feel free to share your chosen money story with me, if you’d like a loving witness.


  • It is the end of October now. Holidays are coming. Do you have a plan? Does that plan include both dollars amounts AND calendar choices that will nourish your soul?
  • US currency bills state “In God We Trust”.  How does that work for you? How does it not work for you?
  • What is your 1 main reason you give yourself for the delay, if you aren’t yet relating with money as well as you would like?
  • What is the most inspiring resource you have around healthy financial support? If you haven’t found one that you could revisit, here are some suggestions that I enjoy…

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