I was lucky enough to get a special tour of the Academy of Sciences this week. A birthday gift for Bae at which I got to tag along. (Sometimes it really is a matter of who we know!) They told us about what the penguins went through during the museum relocation during the rebuild. Those little dudes are very social and even sometimes like to roam around small gatherings of people to say hello. Like this AoS penguin that was hugged by the Dalai Lama!! Just had to share that. <3

I have been listening to The Book of Joy, with Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu. Highly recommend that if your perspective could use some unadulterated love. If you are working/pushing/forcing something, I wish you refreshment of the wind in your sails.

Check out this darling (and important) article about kids and lemonade stands getting to do their thing freely…
Have you heard of the crossover point in investing? Many people need to define their own milestones and specific reasons for investing and saving. It’s just too hard to keep the pedal to the metal with denying instant gratification over time. Would it interest you to know at what point you literally would have “enough” saved to live off of?
Last newsletter I told you about Debitize, the free service that makes credit cards behave like debit cards. I found this review helpful; they make some important distinctions here. I will be staying tuned with Debitize’s progress over time. https://www.moneyunder30.com/debitize-review
For those of you facing later-in-life financial decisions for yourself or a loved one, I liked this article: http://bit.ly/ElderCareResources
I’m praying for you to get distance from believing that the sensation of overwhelm is factual and fixed.

I’m praying for you to laugh, hard, today, from deep inside.

And just in general I am hoping that you are contributing to healthy, nurturing relationships. They really can be some of the highest-quality wealth.

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