Financial Wellness Coaching: How Long? – (for full image)

How long will you live?

This question has had my attention in this past month.

I wish it was called “financial best-guessing” instead of “financial planning”.  How can I plan on these exact numbers if I don’t know how long I will live?!

I’ve looked at retirement calculators. I’ve seen life expectancy simulators. I read stories about people who are achieving their retirement dreams (did you see that 101 year old woman from India running a track and field event today?!). I read stories about people who saved for years for retirement, then have a massive heart attack the year before they were going to stat realizing those dreams.

There’s something about it that *seems SO unreal* to me. I notice a big split happening within my psyche. Sometimes I want to savesavesave and do NO optional spending while I am able-bodied. Sometimes I want to carpe diem and party like it’s 1999, knowing that life is precious and goes by so fast.

RIP to the homecoming queen from when I was in 11th grade. She died of cancer at 42 years old just recently. She was a gorgeous creature, inside and out. Everybody loved her. And she died at 42. JEEZ. We just never, ever know. It’s one thing to know that intellectually. I guess I’m just deepening into the felt experience of it. Not light fare, yet happens to be something that every single person must deal with at some point.

I’m convinced that a big part of advertising is helping people pretend that they can stave off death by purchasing certain items or experiences. What a cruel thing to exploit, yet I’m almost certain the people making the ads are caught in similar cycles. It’s scary shit, or at least it can be.

So what helps all this existential floppery? I don’t know about for you, but for me:

1) When I meditate regularly, I get to touch *something*, a state where all is well all the time. PRICELESS.

2) I’m choosy with friends and support-givers. Their choices affect me greatly, whether I realize it or not. I spent the weekend with a very healthy friend and have been taking all sorts of healthy action, with ease and joy, upon my return. Ginormous blessings to those who work hard to grow and keep their hearts healthy and accessible.

3) Working with ranges, not fixed amounts or rigid artificial guesses. It’s helping me a lot as I talk about this with people to have Plans A, B, C and so on. Do you have that one particular $$ number in mind? If you could just reach that number, you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore? Is that illusion serving you well, or is it keeping you hooked in thinking that you have control over what you cannot control?

4) Even if you’re behind where you wish you were, even if you feel hopeless about reaching that big ideal nest egg number, JUST DO SOMETHING. Can you transfer $50 to a savings account right now? I mean, before you read another word of this? Can you set up an autotransfer to a Roth IRA, for example? Even if you do $10 per month, that is $120 at the end of a year’s time that will magically wait there for you until you need it much later. And, heck, if something happens, and you don’t need it later, make sure you leave it to an excellent beneficiary! I love thinking about money left behind going to sweet loved ones. A gift that lasts beyond the life of this body is very inspiring to me.

Listen to this

Katie talks to this guy who judges the heck out of his wife (and, spoiler alert, also himself).

This is the kind of issue where people may not say directly that it’s about money. See for yourself how many issues you can spot that are affected by their relationship with money/earning/spending/career/
material possessions.

(P.S. It’s on YouTube but is just audio. I like to leave instructional things like this on in the background when I’m multitasking.)

If you want something to watch

I recorded this video, about what helps when we are talking to ourselves and others about money. I always love to hear feedback, so let me know what you think!

(Another P.S. I looked tired and sunburned because, mais oui, I had played tennis that morning.  #happyaddiction  #currencyofexperiences)




A new collaboration

Thanks to following in the footsteps of somatic therapist Loren Hadassah (, I’m delighted to have joined the Booming Collective.
(read here more if you like! Loving it.

I’ll be saying more about this collaboration soon, but for now, know that my usually-full holistic bookkeeping service has a couple of openings as of today. These opportunities tend to go quickly once word gets around. If you or someone else you know who owns a small-to-medium-sized business wants a bookkeeper and parttime CFO who cares about incorporating heart and purpose along with the practical financials, email me at to set up an exploratory chat time. Please put “Booming Financials” in the subject line of the email.