Hi! How’s that money sanity going for you?

I enjoyed yesterday’s Numbers Lounge**, where we just sat in my office, stated what we were going to accomplish around our finances, and then for an uninterrupted hour, just did it. I balanced my business and personal checkbooks, invested in my SEP IRA, updated the cash amounts left in each category for the month, and checked in on my schedule for the upcoming week to make sure that all the elements I wanted to be there, were there.

The hour FLEW by! It made me realize, no wonder I don’t keep up with my money as well when I try to do it on the fly or squeeze it in here or there. It takes too much time and attention to just have it hang out as a medium to low priority!

I am a fairly fabulous multi-tasker, and even I find it nearly impossible to multi-task at all when it comes to dealing with my numbers. Just like any relationship, I need to spend time with my money information AND be present and pay attention and notice my feelings to have the quality experience I want in order to grow and feel healthy and clear.

If the money process is currently neglected or overwhelming or irritating for you, read on.

Let’s just get all of our excuses out on the table as to why there are weeds in the proverbial money garden.

I haven’t been keeping up with my money because…

(Or, as Clyde Anderson’s book title says, “What had happened was…” ***)

“It’s the holidays! It’s too crazy for me to take the time for that now!”

“I have to buy gifts for so many people. I don’t even want to know how much it will add up to. I just have to get it over with every year. January will be better.”

“Well, the month has already started and I’m already behind. I’ll definitely start tracking my money better when the new year rolls around.”

“The people around me are going nuts! They’re distracted, and high on Christmas cookies, and it’s all I can do to just show up! You expect me to face all that AND the discomfort of looking at my money??”

“I’m sure it’s fine. No, I don’t look at my money or balance my checkbook, but there always seems to be just enough. No big deal, right?”

“I already know what to do, I’m just not doing it. I just need to make myself do it, is all.” (OK so when will you do it?) “I dunno, the next time I have a few free minutes.”

Believe me, I know what it’s like to just NOT be ready to face something yet. (Ask me if I’m dating anyone now?)  ; )

This message is to let you know that there is support available if you want it. That you’re not alone if this topic bugs you. And that there are folks who are taking responsibility for this area of their lives and truly enjoying the results.

** Numbers Lounge is a monthly event to which my current and former clients are invited. It’s a dedicated hour to quietly focus on paying attention to our money housekeeping.


That’s Expensive!

I encourage those of you who are raising your money consciousness to approach this term, “expensive” more globally.

There is a price tag for items we can purchase, yes.

Then there is also a whole list of intangibles that can accompany the price tag. Or, even if something is “free”, I encourage you to look at the other costs that may be involved. Possibilities:

your time
your emotional energy
how might you feel afterwards?

This approach helps me a lot lately as I am deciding what items and experiences to put in my monthly spending plan. I certainly must consider the dollar values. Beyond that, it’s also helpful to look at the items I mentioned above. Including that more global view in my planning and deciding, helps me feel clearer what what is truly fun for me, versus what I’m doing or not doing just because of my opinion of the price tag.


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