Are you facing the money stuff yet? Can you in the next few days put together your best draft of a spending plan for March, and then agree to see how it goes for just one month?

     I heard Marie Forleo, head there for great inspiration!) describe how people want to know what results they will get from working with a teacher/small business owner/particular plan, etc.  Indeed.  Results, and the promise of results, are juicy and tempting. Of course that is the outcome that we want to buy. If something is difficult now, then I sure as heck want to know how to make it easier and better!

I find that when there is significant discomfort involved, as there can be for me and many others when it comes to financial healing, I also need to know from others….”is it worth it?”. I can buy any book, take a course, or sign up for any newsletter. However, in the financial realm, it only actually matters what I do and don’t do. There is unfortunately no one else who can get the results FOR me when it comes to spending, saving, and giving. It matters what I do.


When you let go of your plans, intentions, shoulds…what action is left?What are you DOING today (which ironically can sometimes include NOT DOING) to be clear in your financial life?

8b842156-2f2c-4212-abb8-7b0488c87acbI wrote you a list of how it’s hard for me.

It is. I’m not a natural at this stuff. I’m a natural organizer, and I can feel feelings very clearly. But when it comes to the day-to-day voltage of the big questions and small decisions, it is just as hard for me as it is for anyone else.

Elephant Journal was kind enough to publish an article I wrote about some of the difficulty. Check it out here if you wish to.

3f749036-97c2-4133-a82e-d29821f2e027I also wrote you a list of why it’s worth it for me. It’s not the same constant pain, walking this path. It’s more like swimming in the ocean. The waves get bigger and smaller during the passage of time.

I have a lot of compassion for those folks who step on the path, and then step off for whatever reason. I’m here, I’m on the path, you can step back on and walk with me whenever you’re ready. I can’t promise any specific results by detail. I can promise that if you do your work, things will change for the best.

Here’s How We Can Work Together

Click HERE to read all about how we can work together, if you like. It is my pleasure to serve your journey, if and when you are ready.

Not quite ready to meet, or want to cover some ground on your own time? HERE’s a Checklist to help you determine a financial organizer can help your situation.