I wish I knew who gets credit for that diagram originally, but it’s just kind of out there. Regardless, I love it!! Ahhh, clear containers for routes to express purpose and joy in sustainable ways!
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You may have seen on LinkedIn (currently my exclusive social media outlet; wait, it’s not exclusive to me…it’s the only social media I’m on these days, that’s what I meant) that my coaching services are now nested within a business called Mindful Life, Mindful Work.

(Checkitout: https://www.mindfullifemindfulwork.com/)

MLMW is all coachy and healthy and mindful and whatnot. Right up my alley, in other words. One of our team exercises was to read the story of Whole Foods, called Conscious Capitalism. One of the quotes from it that made my heart sing:

“Making high profits is the means to the end of fulfilling Whole Foods’ core business mission. We want to improve the health and well-being of everyone on the planet through higher-quality foods and better nutrition, and we can’t fulfill that mission unless we are highly profitable. Just as people cannot live without eating, a business cannot live without profits. But most people don’t live to eat, and neither must businesses live just to make profits.”

I went to a party in the East Bay while I was reading that book. I sure did get into a debate tussle with someone who believes that Whole Foods is evil. When asked why he said because they are predatory to local businesses. When asked how he defines predatory, he stumbled and mumbled and repeated himself.

I am the first to admit that I have many blind spots about many things. And I can be starry-eyed about things until I’m not. But after all these years, I don’t believe that Whole Foods is evil. Yes, even post-Amazon-merge, still don’t believe they are evil. When I hear someone say they are predatory on local businesses, what should they do differently, specifically and realistically?

I am open to your thoughts and beliefs on this model where profit is the healthy lifeblood of a business, even if the whole purpose of the business is not to profit per se. You’ve probably figured out by now that I also don’t believe that profit is inherently evil or has to hurt anyone by definition. Lies, manipulation, cutting safety corners, harassment, all evil, heck yes. And do some people utilize those tactics to generate profit? Yes, unfortunately.  But I don’t see that as meaning that profit should never be an emphasis. Hmmmmm.

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I’m grateful to have seen a bunch of awesome, affordable to free resources lately, to help us live clearly. Financial clarity (without tight rigidity) can help very much in the flowing expression of purpose.

1) https://Debitize.com/
Dreamy. Makes credit cards work like debit cards. I’m all over this one.

2) A feature I’m extra-loving about http://YNAB.com lately is this:
When I use the phone app to enter an expense transaction, it automatically pops up what the category’s budgeted amount was, and then what the total left is after the transaction. It makes the spending feel more real to me.

3) I’ve been getting my prescriptions filled and refilled via https://www.blinkhealth.com/. It’s like wholesale prices and you go to a local designated pharmacy to pick it up. Very affordable, sometimes even better prices than I was getting at Costco.

I get to invite 6 people to use it, and we both get $15 of free refills. Email me if you want to be one of my Blink flock. (Beth@financialwellness.coach)

4) My fave personal bank, https://www.Simple.com/, now has a nifty way to get help with creating your emergency fund. I still heart them after all these years. This is sort of an Acorns or Digit (which are for investing) except for meeting your cash savings goal. It’s currently only available for the individual accounts, but they will be releasing it soon for their partnership accounts.

5) I’ve recommended to some of you to check out the new YNAB book. http://bit.ly/YNABAudioBook
I listened to it and really enjoyed it. Granted, the software founder himself is the voice of the audiobook, and voiceover is not his strong suit. But the material is inspiring, straightforward, and motivating. Do check it out even if you have to intersperse the chapters with dance breaks or primal screams into a pillow. (2 of my personal favorite free go-to’s.)

A concept from the YNAB book that I LOVE is that scarcity is just the awareness that you would like there to be more. Ooooh, right?! That is what it is! Not some sort of disease or condition or bad luck. The awareness that I would like there to be more. Thanks, YNAB-Founder-Jesse, for that gem!
Hey, thanks for reading. Thanks for showing up for your life. Thanks for connecting with me if you would like to. Thanks for following your interests and passions and the things that make your Light brighter.
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