You’re so savvy, I’m sure you know that this year change is just another flip of the calendar page. Heck, even a calendar itself is just a construct pulled out of the blue.

But that’s ok…you can still use the year changeover and that sense of “resolutions”, to get some stuff cleared out in your financial life.

How much of 2014 did you spend WORRYING, FRETTING, SPINNING, or SELF-JUDGING when it came to financial tasks on your plate? Are you willing to take even one step towards doing less of those devilish endeavors in 2015? Carpe diem. (Which always makes me think about carp the fish. But I digress.)

Here are some of the specific exercises that I help my clients with, which you may want to consider doing. The “pain” of facing it is highly likely to be easier than the cost of continuing to avoid it.

1) Have you updated your financial net worth number? Do you know if it increased or decreased since last year around this time? Do you know why it matters?

2) Are you clear on how much you grossed in 2014? How much money you netted in 2014? Do you know the difference, and what the significance is?

3) Have you made a list of your priorities, to tie that to your budget/spending plan process? Do you know how to do that, and what specific information can help it along?

4) Did you save all of your bank statements (either electronically or filed in hard copy)? In case you get audited, that is a great set of information to have on hand. Keep them filed or saved for at least the past 7 years.

5) Have you selected an amount or percentage of your earnings that you intend to save/invest in 2015? What’s your plan for making it happen? What criteria will you use to make the decision?

6) Are your financial files in order? Is everything on autopay that you’d like to automate? Are you comfortable with how you are tracking your spending patterns? Do you have a baseline below which you know you need to then save more, spend less, and/or earn more to stay financially secure?

7) Do you have a wise and accessible financial planner? Each year I meet with my CFP rockstar Sean Burgess. We look at where my investments need to be rebalanced, and I ask him questions about pesky financial rumors I see on the interwebz. HUGE relief to have him on my team. You can, too!

There are no “right” answers to any of the questions above. It’s personal, and internal. Yet having external support can make all the difference.
My 2015 fee schedule, if you would like to work together or know someone who would benefit from this:

Financial organizing session:
$120 for the hour

Ongoing financial organizing support, 3-month package.
You may use each month’s half-hour as a standalone appointment, or we can check in with each other throughout the month to help you stay on track and get your questions answered quickly.
$200 for all 3 months.
(Months must be used consecutively.)

You can read more about the process here.

Email me at to get this party started! (aka, schedule an appointment.)

I see folks in person in Mill Valley on Mondays. I do housecalls in the SF Bay Area, especially when we are going to do hands-on work with your files or office space. Otherwise, phone or Skype are available to us, as well.

A wonderful client just sent me this note:
“I am grateful for your help! THANK YOU for being the best financial coach/sponsor ever! I always feel better after talking with you-”

(Aww so sweet!) I’d like you to experience that, too, if you want it. Say hello when you’re ready for action! or (415) 425-1615





I recorded this 11-minute guided meditation as a gift to you. Enjoy!

I’d love to hear your feedback if you listen to it. I wish you a lot of open-hearted curiosity and deep cleansing breaths.

It’s never too late to be kinder to yourself.

Money comes and goes. Heck, even our whole life comes and goes! I support you in healthy engagement with all of this important, yet impermanent, stuff.

What’s 1 thing you can do today to contribute to your peace of mind in the financial realm?

Sent to you with love of truth from~
Beth Crittenden