Blessings on the beginning of your Q4 (and a reminder to wrap up your Q3 to-do’s).

I am grateful to have connected with some awesome conversations this year. Here are some of my favorite offerings for you~

1) I wrote an article for the delightful company Mindful Life Mindful Work, on the mindfulness of reviewing financial data and reports

I am SO GLAD that organizations like this exist!
Business needs not be left out of the experience of health and wellness for each individual!

2) For those of you in or around Marin, I’m offering an improv-based workshop this month at Venture Pad, the conscious co-working space in San Rafael.

All are welcome. This will be a good chance to connect inside yourself, as well as to hear how the money thing is for others in business for themselves.

Thursday, October 12th at noon:
Get Into Your Financial Flow

3) I’ve continued with my journey of implementing Profit First in my finances since July of this year. This is a fascinating, challenging, deeply clarifying process. I look forward to sharing this journey with some of you when the time is right. I’m specializing in helping people who have their own medical or health-related private practice (i.e. therapists, MD’s, chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, etc.).

4) Some of you have heard or read me glow about Dave and Jackie Bos, who make organic biodynamic wine, and are caring for soil vitality as well as bringing together community in their lives. They just moved from Napa wine country in California to Traverse City, Michigan. I interviewed Dave and am excited to share it with you here.

If you want in on their fantastic Wine & Swine quarterly curated shipment, email!
Elizabeth Gilbert’s fantastic distinction between hobby/job/career/vocation (click for video)
Handy Article about choosing between Money Manager/Financial Therapist/Financial Coach/Financial Planner (click for link)
I help people organize their finances so they can have the best lives possible…not for the end game of the money being organized.

Vitality is ESSENTIAL, no matter how much money is in the bank.

I have enjoyed getting to know Alex Jamieson over the years. She lives in NYC, but lucky us in the Bay Area, she is teaching a workshop at Salon 1440 later this month. Thought many of you would like to know about this place near Santa Cruz if you don’t yet. And Alex’s offering could be a nice intro to checking it out if you haven’t already! Alex once gave a talk entitled, “Play and Pleasure are the New Sugar Substitutes.” YES. FULLY AGREE.

Oct 20-22, 2017
for women who want a weekend away to feed their bodies and souls well

Profit First Corner.

This TEDx video is a wonderful introduction to the philosophy.

Usually when we look at a P & L report, what is “left over” as net income can deceptively appear to be what we earned during that time period. UNTRUE. This system makes us:

* see clearly what we actually have to spend on the business and personal expenses
*have tax money available instead of being unpleasantly surprised by that time of year
*actually have money set aside for funding dreams/debt reduction/the next business, whatever is important to you

You no longer have to treat Profit as an afterthought.
Let’s talk Profit First!!
Email me if you’d like to do financial wellness work together, for your personal and/or business finances
My website, should you desire more deets

I am standing by to help when you want practical, non-judgmental, Divinely-guided support in your finances. This stuff is behavioral in nature, and it can be fantastic to get extra support and guidance when our behavior is involved.