circleofredwoodsHave you ever wanted to hear what it’s like for other people to deal with money?

Do you think it could be helpful to hear other peoples’ frustrations, concerns, and fears around wealth?

Would you benefit from hearing other peoples’ questions and experiences when it comes to handling money?

I find that, while some people benefit most from one-on-one sessions, there are others who flourish by doing healing and practical work within community. Even adding a couple of other participants can exponentially increase the work’s potency.

Group Sessions may include (but are not limited to):

  • cutting edge research findings from the growing Financial Therapy field, about effective techniques in personal financial management
  • guided imagery for working with internal money demons and recruiting them as allies
  • an invitation to identify healthy resources for making lasting changes in your money support system (some of which may come from within the group!)
  • visibility and accountability for goal setting and concrete steps to achieve those goals
  • preparation homework for everyone to be able to choose to share about
  • the choice to receive feedback, or to decline it, based on individual preference

If you feel intimidated or fearful about participating in a Group Session, I encourage you to ask that fear voice…what do I actually have to lose? Sometimes that fear can be an indicator of *good* changes on the way. It just takes a bit of action, moving closer to your truth, and being willing to be honest with yourself and others.

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Group Sessions are also available upon request for pre-formed communities (co-workers, organizations, existing friendships). Request a Group Session.