Hello! I hope this finds you thriving and radiantly happy.


I’m exploring a few things that are helping me get more of both of those things through my business. I want to thrive and I want radiant happiness…what does it take for me to get there? What works?

Experiment 1: Committing to more education and training in my field, with one on one support

A client with whom I’ve been working and growing for years, was kind enough to send me an interview about this new (to me) system called Profit First. Here was me when I first heard the author, Mike Michaelowicz:

Happy, relieved, curious, open. All good things. So I trusted that. I reached out. I discovered that they actually have a training and certification program for the system!
It is an investment, of time and money. It’s also an investment in continuing the financial wellness path career-wise. (I’m kind of a legendary commitment-phobe, to be honest with you.) I officially start the adventure tomorrow with my guide, Erin. I will most definitely keep you posted!

This recent podcast is a great example of a woman who owns her own business, and gets great results from working with her Profit First Professional (also a woman, who, I was delighted to note has a flower in her hair on her website…no stuffiness required!).


Experiment 2: Working with a VA (Virtual Assistant)

When I used to see “VA”, it cracked me up since my home state is Virginia. The other big VA! (Tourism Tagline: Virginia is for Lovers)

Thanks to chatting with the Divine Ms M, Tiffany McClain (http://heytiffany.com), I realized that I desperately wanted someone to help me find more integrity in my scheduling process. I feel terrible when it takes me more than 24 hours to respond to someone who is reaching out to maybe work together. I know it can be incredibly vulnerable to share financial information, even in the narrative, with anyone, and it’s a big part of why I’m so honored to do the work that I do. AND, wow, what a fantastic “problem” it is to be having so many great conversations and connections, that I cannot keep up on my own. Thank you, Universal Flow!

I poked around online a little bit, and found a place to post for free that I am looking for a dedicated VA. I’ve seen places that take calls, have people available 24/7, etc, but that’s not the right fit for me. I want someone with a name and face, who has a good working knowledge of how I work. I posted here: http://wearevirtualassistants.com    Within 24 hours I got about 10 responses, a good amount to choose from, but nothing like posting something on Craig’s List and opening the floodgates!

I read each response, and trusted the process. Somehow my intuition lit up all green when the “right” one came through. It had told me, “wait” and then “wait a little longer” when I was anxious to respond to folks right away. Then when I read Linette’s details, I had that feeling of “ahhhhh”. And we are also talking tomorrow to get started. And she is here on this list now, as well. My prayers are that the relationship will help us both with our own happiness and well-being.

Experiment 3: Simplify something.

I know we womenfolk all have a very different relationship with our hair. For me, mine is very thick, and when I try to grow it out, I describe it as squirrels fighting on the back of my neck. This last time I grew it out, honestly, I wanted to fit in better with the hot and well-heeled women I run in to on the tennis circuit of Marin. (Which SHOULD be its own reality series, btw. Fascinating!)

This last experiment, I thought I would grow it long and then be able to braid it and maybe even make Princess Leia ear buns. Well. Neither of those ever happened. And I just hated it every day.

So, on Friday, I got my first-ever pixie cut! I used to feel envious every time I saw a woman with simple hair who seemed to love it. I have joined the club!

Of course this would not lead to every woman’s radiant happiness. But it does lead to mine, so yay!

Money is intimately linked to all of these things.

Experiment 1: I do need to find the time and the money for it
Experiment 2: I do need to find the time and the money for it
Experiment 3: Guess what, ditto. Every 2 month cuts.

All totally worth it. That is what I’m telling myself through all these experiments, as well. It’s worth it. And the “it” is ME.

I’m worth it. You’re worth it. I don’t mean it in the Loreal way, either. I mean, you’re worth finding your OWN formula for radiant happiness and then enjoying the everloving heck out of it. It will change over time, for all of us, I imagine. And that’s a great thing….THAT’S THE FLOW of Life!

I want you to be as financially empowered as you want to be. I want you to have your voice, and deep peace of mind.

I also want this for every self-employed, entrepreneurial woman. There are a lot of us out there, working hard, and learning more and more about nature’s balance. Money is a big part of that; it measures our own level of balance and integrity, in many ways.

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OK. Go us. Go you. Go July. May you be blessed, may you be healthy, may you radiate abundant satisfaction.