What color is your financial creativity parachute?

Creativity is growing on me.

The same kind spirits that influenced me to face my tremendous resistance to learning “the money thing” several years ago, have lately been working on me from a different angle.     Creativity.

Yikes. Isn’t creativity “just” child’s play? Isn’t that just a way to avoid doing “real work”? Isn’t creativity just a fancy way to cover for wasting time? I’m digging in to all sorts of prejudices that were blocking me from letting the creative juices flow. Life energy flows in and makes life more smooth and well-resourced when my creativity is engaged. It’s almost like I made up a Strong Woman contest with 1 entrant (me), and the point was to do without life energy as much as I possibly could. To prove something that doesn’t make much sense in the examining. Who the heck needs to prove that they can live without life energy?! Jeez Louise. Anyway, better I see the Light today than totally miss it.

So I’ve been doing this experiment during August, spending half an hour per day on creativity. No big huge structure, just giving it some space (without surfing online and calling it “creative time”. Watching other people be creative (or not) is some of the structure I’ve included in the experiment).

When I first began I thought it would have NOTHING at all to do with my business. That was a fear-based reaction to the introduction of deliberate creativity. It also pointed out to me how some parts of me think that business/money and creativity do not mix well. Money was the oil and creativity was the water. After nearly a month of this experiment, it more feels like creativity is the masseuse and money is the oil! (My happiness is the relaxed muscle, in case that wasn’t clear.)

When my creativity is flowing, I’m more excited to work with people and find solutions to their challenges. What better definition of business is there, especially for us service-based types?

When my creativity is flowing, I more feel like being awake and alive, and it keeps me good company throughout the day. I’m less inclined to *actually* “waste time”, when I’m facing the fear of “wasting time”. That helps me with productivity not feeling like a chore or a burden.

When my creativity is flowing, it gives me sense of humor to counterbalance the fears that come up when I look at my financial picture, or sit in challenging feelings with others. I’ve never found a way to totally eradicate the fears…but more sense of humor and gentle perspective definitely ease the edges.

It’s rare for me to want to avoid someone who has their creativity “on”. It’s rare for me to feel drawn closer to someone who has their creativity “off”. That’s pretty powerful evidence, as well. It’s a version of animal cruelty, in my opinion, to force adults to be scared of or turn away from what internally delights them.

So this is my vote that you take some time today to let that creative energy flow. It may come with some tears, or some giggles, or both. I welcome that. Let it flow. Your money life will thank you. (Because your money life is mainly a reflection of how you love and respect yourself….)

Toolbox Ideas

The kind spirits also asked me to include something this month for those of you that like to play with different systems, as I do. This corner is for people who like the money stuff and want to know what’s out there now for tracking.

Tracking is such a very huge big deal. I can have a “budget” but it’s just hieroglyphics unless I’m tracking actual income and expenses next to that budget.

Many of you know already how much I looooove YNAB (You Need A Budget). I’ve noticed that people rarely seem to be neutral about it. They either fall in loooove with it as I did, or it’s too overwhelming. It seems YNAB is best for folks who like granularity, as well as those who need maximum input on specific financial decisions.

One beloved client and friend decided that he just did not need the details of YNAB, and we also ran in to a bugagoo with sharing the file. We recently switched to Buxfer, and I am really enjoying it so far for the less detailed tracking. For me personally it would not be enough information. For him so far, it is. (And may I point out that the creativity experiment helps me stay fluid so that I can detach from MY solutions and find the next best solutions for others!!)

We also considered using Wave, which we’ve both heard pretty good things about. Buxfer and Wave would be for those who are interested in a web-based solution.

Another beloved client and friend is now using Dave Ramsey’s Everydollar and reporting great success with it. So that’s worth checking out, too, especially if you’re in a family budgeting situation.

A Whole Foods cashier went gaga over my envelope wallet recently. She just had to touch it. I’m good with that. Thrifty Zippers on Etsy makes sublime cash system wallets that also hold plenty of cards.

And if you are enjoying other systems, please feel free to let me know!

May your tracking be clear, and your systems be pretty and sensible.

The Gift of Space & Time If You Want It

I’m going to offer a 2-hour block of open Q & A phone time, and see if that is of use to anyone. I will give anyone (existing client or not yet) up to 20 minutes of bandwidth by phone. We can work through a specific issue, or develop an action plan in an area where you’d like more Flow.

This will happen on Saturday, September 5th, between 4 and 6pm Pacific time. You can email me in advance to claim an appointment. Otherwise, you can call my cell if you have it, and I’ll do my best to return your call within the window.

I enjoy talking about the money stuff, as much as that can surprise people! C’mon, share the load, and receive the gift…