How Much Is Enough?

A recent conversation with a stranger in passing helped me turn a corner.

Working within the money realm professionally, I am not immune to the charms and bedevilments of the green stuff. I make my own unconscious assumptions about how much grander life would be if I *just* had more money. That compulsive, clingy, desperate nature has really been on my back lately. I’m not proud to admit that, and I’m saying it because I find true freedom in revealing the patterns to stop identifying with them.

The stranger was in pain. Confused, stymied as to how to proceed in their marriage (or not), and feeling very alone. They said this should be the happiest time of their life. Kids are gone and doing well and they have plenty of money in the bank.

That little part of me that thinks money is the answer and the God Almighty itself, perked up its ears at that. Here I have a wonderful, enjoyable set of life circumstances in gear. So much flexibility and playtime and quality time with loved ones. Hearing the stranger’s story just reminded me that the plenty of money in the bank is, of course, not THE answer.

To balance that out, though, I cannot bypass the need for money. It’s just part of this life game as of today. If it’s not coming from somewhere already, it must be figured out and acquired. I’m finding there is equally a part of me that wants to avoid it, finds it distasteful, almost lacking in creativity, to want to acquire money for my own use. But why? It’s just a tool. Sure, it comes with some tribal and identity influences, but that’s not the money itself…it’s just what we’ve attached to it.

I share this with you as food for thought, and also a chance to connect with each other around a sometimes-challenging topic.

I invite you to email me…how much is “enough” money for you?

 Profit First.

As many of you know, I am studying to become a certified Profit First Professional.

a) Holy MOLY is there a lot of negative charge out there around the word “profit”. That has been a surprisingly strong response for me to encounter. The way “profit” is meant, is simply money gets set aside for the business owner to distribute as they please each quarter. Maybe it’s a nice dinner out, maybe it’s a donation to an African village, maybe it’s split between things. To me, that is not inherently evil.  Profit does not HAVE to mean that someone else was perpetrated on, as far as I can tell at this point. Do some people break others’ backs for their own gain? Yes, of course. But I also hope that doesn’t mean the baby must be thrown out with the bathwater.

b) At the same time, I’ve been studying Profit First, I’ve been participating in I find this group delightful. Plenty of time and space for us to discuss our heart’s intentions and values, and incorporate them into the business model. Even businesses run from the heart, with every good intention, need to profit in order to stay in business. Even non-profits turn a profit to keep going, they just have rules around how it needs to be handled once it arrives. (Profit First has a special training section for Non-Profits. That always cracks me up.)

c) As you can probably tell, I am highly analytical!! I love to get into the depths of things, look at every angle, find the spiritual significance, talk it over with others, etc. As much as I wish sometimes that I had a trust fund or an inexhaustible ATM just for me, I actually do appreciate the aspect of business that no matter what I do, it’s just got to cover my living costs. Nothing personal, I can get as creative with it as I want to or not, it’s just got to work. That clarity can be refreshing and supportive.

Feminine-Based Business Principles

The feminine see Truth, holds the big picture. She goes beyond immediate putting out of fires; she has attention on all the moving parts, as well as the land and space holding them. The feminine breathes where there are tightness and scarcity; she can hold off (i.e. “pregnant pause”) until the next motion becomes clear.

These aspects do go hand in hand with profit.
We can do well, and do good.
We can find ways to mutually benefit both client and practitioner.

We can engage creativity, robust health, and relatedness while running a profitable business.
I invite you to connect with me if you feel drawn to do so. Your resistance is welcome. Your doubt is welcome. Your fear is welcome. My work is based on honesty, and finding the thread of what your soul needs to experience to thrive. There’s nothing that much more special about money itself…it’s just generally so effective at getting our focused attention, as torturous as that can be at times. I’d love to hear from you, if and when you feel ready.
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