With what do you associate the word “profit“?

My previous unchecked assumptions about the word ‘profit’ and what it represents:

-the one(s) with the profit “won”, and therefore others “lost”

-someone had to have been taken advantage of somehow, for profit to result

-it’s “extra” money, which is evil for anyone to have since there are starving children in the world; how unfair of anyone to have “extra”

-if I like profit, I’ll turn in to Scrooge; nobody likes Scrooge

My revised, updated assumptions of the word ‘profit’, since becoming a “Profit First Professional”:

-if I don’t pay for me, someone else has to; ensuring profit increases the likelihood of sustainability

-ensuring profit doesn’t mean jack-doodle about what I do with that money; how presumptuous of people to assume nefarious/completely morally bankrupt purposes for the profit, anyway!

-‘profit’ can actually translate to, I respect my business, my family, and myself; respect in action, especially if I tend it consciously and considerately


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Here are some other benefits I’m getting from studying Profit First.
Glad to talk more about any of these; it’s changing everything about my business for the better.
  • Do you have streamlined procedures in your business? Or do you recreate the wheel, just focused on bringing in that particular money, no matter what it costs you to generate the income?
  • Do you know what the business “can afford” to pay you, in a clear and systematized way? Or do you take best guesses?
  • How do you make decisions about what to spend on the business? What criteria do you use to invest in growth? How do you decide how you want the business to grow?
  • Are you serving anyone and everyone, or do you make it clear who you can expertly serve? (generalist versus specialist)
  • Are you selling your services to just charge as little as you can? Or do you have ways to distinguish what you’re offering, beyond price point?
  • Is your first problem-solving go-to in your business, to spend money?

Preach, Will! Well, except for the women being “things” part, but sometimes language can limit. I get the sentiment.

I’ve discussed my interest in weaving feminine aspects deeply into our practice of business. Nearly anyone who really wants it could have their own business. And this coming from someone who used to consider owning my own business scarier than boa constrictors and tarantulas.

The feminine see Truth, holds the big picture. She goes beyond immediate putting out of fires; she has attention on all the moving parts, as well as the land and space holding them. The feminine breathes where there are tightness and scarcity; she can hold off (i.e. “pregnant pause”) until the next motion becomes clear.

These aspects do go hand in hand with profit.
We can do well, and do good.
We can find ways to mutually benefit both client and practitioner.

We can engage creativity, robust health, and relatedness while running a profitable business.
Thanks for reading! I’m Beth Crittenden, and I help people delve bravely into their financial practices and processes. I’m a coach and a bookkeeper, as well as energetically finely-tuned. Results include greater clarity, which brings relief, which brings flow, which brings serenity.

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