This video (below) is my love note to those of you brave enough to participate in the financial wellness conversation and practice.

We choose to live well…financially, mentally, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, physically. We connect, forgive ourselves and others, take kind action, and we thrive.

May your financial choices serve you well as we close out 2016 and welcome 2017.


Food for Thought

Just like a budget aka spending plan works best when the numbers are in place BEFORE the month begins…consider getting ahead of the curve and setting some goals for 2017 BEFORE it actually begins.

Have you been feeding your mind and heart inspiration around this financial wellness topic? When my enthusiasm wanes, it really puts wind in my sails to hear or read others who are passionate about this.

Some ideas…


~An excerpt from YNAB’s holiday newsletter:
“It’s the time of year where time transitions to warp speed, and everything around you seems to be shouting, “Bigger! Better! More! More! More!” It’s easy to get swept up in it all, but we are here to tell you, you are the boss of you—and not coincidentally—your money. You can say, “No.” You can opt out in one area and go big somewhere else. It is totally up to you: What can you afford without consequence? What is best for your family, and your finances? What do you really want to do, if you weren’t worried about letting down your Mom, or being compared to your neighbor, or outdone by a friend? Do that, save money, and relax. 🙂 ”

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~From psychologist Rick Hanson, PhD. I believe this applies well to having conversations about money.

“Speaking truly – to yourself and to others – does mean being authentic. Is your outer expression lined up with your inner experience? Most of us have “that thing” which is hard to express. For me growing up, it was feeling inadequate. For many men, it’s feelings of fear or weakness. For many women, it’s feelings of anger or power. Could you find appropriate ways to say your whole truth, whatever it is?

Ask yourself: “What am I actually experiencing?” Relax your face completely and look at it in the mirror: What does it tell you? What does it say you really need these days?

Also ask yourself: “What’s important that’s not getting named?” This applies both to you and to others. Consider the hurt or anxiety beneath irritation, or the rights or needs that are the real stakes on the table. Is there an elephant in the room that no one is mentioning? Maybe someone has a problem with anger or with drinking too much, or is simply depressed. Maybe someone’s jumbo job – 60, 70 hours a week or more, counting commute and weekend emails – is crowding family life out to the margins.

Especially when you’re upset, watch out for distortions in the words you use. These include leaving out the context (like getting mad at a misbehaving child who’s hungry), using extreme language – words like “always” or flat statements that should be qualified – or using a tone that’s harsh or nasty. Without talking like a robot, look for ways to be more judicious, accurate, and to the point in what you say.”

I help people:

*clarify purposes for bank accounts (personal, business, joint spending, earmarked savings, etc)
*determine which financial tracking system to use, and their best rhythm for keeping it updated and relevant
*set or update their monthly budget, and learn how to customize it monthly for maximum usability
*set goals around saving, investing, giving, and then meet them regularly
*have conversations about money that may feel intimidating or uncomfortable
*get their spending more in alignment with their priorities

Understanding-Based Mediation

I recently studied with some wonderful teachers to learn conflict resolution skills that have each person get heard effectively and thoroughly.

I know money can be such a contentious topic, especially for couples, families, and business partners. When we perceive that security, status, and/or happiness are on the line, OF COURSE it can get tricky to harmonize our wishes and preferences.

If you’d like to talk more about my supporting you to resolve a financial conflict, please do reach out and let’s explore it!

If you have those “Sanity Is Sexy”-type folks on your holiday gift list….yes, I do offer gift certificates!