“Life is at its best when love, money, and creativity are
growing together in harmony.”
~Affirmation from The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
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Here is an offering on the Mindfulness With Money curriculum track.
(You can find all 4 Financial Wellness tracks listed below if you are curious.)Option 1: Pretend to be immune from holiday consumerism and nostalgia-on-steroids vibes in the air. You need no extra support because you are going to muscle your way right through this. This year is going to be different, you just know it. Your plan is to remain unaffected by these holidays. You won’t overspend, you’ll just keep your cool and talking about the feelings might just bring you down. Keep it all on lockdown. Holidays, what holidays?Option 2: Complain about the inevitable schlock of holiday carols and traffic jams in mall parking lots. When someone is Christmas-elf-cheery, give them the stink eye. Make sure to not let anyone cut in front of you in traffic, no matter what. If they do cut you off, make sure they get a 360 degree tour of your middle finger and a very stern horn honking. Bah humbug. This sucks annually.

Option 3: KEEP SMILING NO MATTER WHAT. The holidays are FUNNNNNNN. WE ALL GET ALONG OVER THE HOLIDAYS. Turn blind eyes to those practicing options 1 and/or 2. Keep smiling through every FESTIVE gathering. Accept every invitation…it is the holidays, after all! Make the holiday  photo cards perfection, even if someone had to cry or throw up right before. Nail your table decor…nothing too outrageous, keep it exactly perfectly tasteful. Perfect being the key word. Ceaseless perfection at any cost!

Option 4: Pack your bags and take off to Bali. Stay offline the whole time you are there. Carry sedatives. Don’t return until after January 3rd.

Option 5: Find the fun where you can. Know that the holidays are both special, as well as just other days of the week. Keep your budget in your mind without it being a lacerating meanie voice. If you are feeling extra spendy, take a couple extra minutes to call a friend and touch on the compulsive feelings. If you get extra tired, take a load off when you can; put your feet up, squeeze in an extra nap, send yourself to bed early.  If you miss family and friends who are far away, let them know that; resist the urge to try and prove your affection through sending “stuff” just to cross it off the list. If you feel sad, let yourself cry (yes, even when it’s supposed to be a “happy” occasion). If you’re feeling pressure to throw the most perfect holiday dinner EV.ER, tell someone who will get it. Maybe even talk the fantasy all the way through and that is its own entertainment! (“And then my wreath was so soulful that the Instagram post got enough likes that Beyonce liked it too and asked where I bought it!!”)

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Financial Wellness Coaching Curriculum Options
~ Budgeting/Tracking/Goal Setting and Reaching
~ Mindfulness with Money, With Self and Other(s):
(meditation, acceptance, intuition)
~ Boundaries with Money: Beliefs, Resolving Past Hurts and Fears, Communication Skills, Valuing Your Time As Invaluable
~ Profit First Implementation for small business owners: 10% organizing the system, and 90% behavior and follow-through
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May you be as grounded and present as you would like to be this holiday season.May you find the courage to feel your feelings, and question the painful thoughts.

May you choose kindness to self and other, as often as possible.

May you find life more joyful than hurtful, as often as possible.


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