Hello, and welcome to the maiden voyage of this list for self-employed, entrepreneurial women!

I’m going to share some thoughts about being your own boss. The topic was inspired by my favorite comic, Maria Bamford. Here is her take on being self-employed, if you want to have a listen:

I’m writing this to you during my first working day at The Hivery, a gorgeous co-working space for women in Mill Valley. Strangely, I resisted coming here for quite a while. That process has been illuminating…it’s brought up my own ingrained sexism, fears of being seen, and even fear of being overwhelmed by “more success”. There’s also that lurking old chestnut that somehow if I get help reaching my goals, it doesn’t count for as much as if I struggle through on my own.

All over the place, women are embracing a more feminine-based way of being in business. It doesn’t mean girly, or apologetic, or always taking a back seat to others. (That would be the unhealthy masculine’s definition of femininity, right?) For me, bringing in my feminine gifts to my business looks like:

  • I connect with others. I take the time to listen, and receive.
  • The intention of my business is nurturing. The true bottom line is healthy compassion, and the desire to connect in health and prosperity.
  • I admit when I don’t know something, and get creatively inspired in that space to know more and be taught.
  • I follow my intuition. I don’t accept just any client. It has to feel right to me.
  • I ask challenging questions, knowing it’s for the best for all of us.
  • My health is my business’ largest asset. I am in charge of cultivating it, and make time for it (even when the to-do list seems miles long).

I would LOVE to hear from you, what helps you bring your best to your business as your own boss. Thanks for joining me here, and thanks for forwarding this message to other women who might like the support and information.

(Ooh, bad-ass side note. Another woman in the co-working space just said hello and her follow-up question was, with a smile, “what are you working on?”. I love that. Substantial. Let’s support each other in substance.)

Some of you may have seen this announced by now, but for those for whom the prosperity tree is a fresh surprise, read on!

I’m collaborating with the Booming Collective to offer Booming Financials, a holistic bookkeeping and coaching service that helps business owners make sure their soul’s values are aligned with the business’ financial progress.

My bookkeeping side of the business has been full for years, but this opportunity came along and I said YES to offering the Beth-like support while also taking care of a company’s numbers. If you’re interested in learning more about this, because you want a bookkeeper who can help you prep for taxes as much as she can check in with your life balance, let’s have a conversation!

I am so excited to be co-presenting this workshop with Kirsten Shaw…

What? Safe, courageous space for creative women in business to have REAL TALK about money matters. Intimate conversation facilitated by Sunset Social founder / business coach Kirsten Shaw and financial wellness coach Beth Crittenden. We’ll explore themes including:

  • gentle steps to get you closer to full financial clarity
  • tips for talking about money with others, whether it’s your fee, or who spends what at home
  • how to use your creative side to make the practical money stuff more fun to deal with

Plus wine and cheese, of course.

Why? Because the more money we make, the more impact we can have on our world. And it’s more fun when we get paid what we’re worth (vacations anyone?).

Where / When? Thursday 5/25 from 6-8pm in Outer Sunset SF

Reserve Your Spot

  • Space is very limited! $55 week-of
  • $45 earlybird registration by 5/18
  • $35 each if you sign up with a friend by 5/18

When you’re ready to reserve your spot, you have a couple of different ways to pay:

  1. Use Venmo and send payment to Beth-Crittenden. (Venmo is a free electronic payment service for both the sender and receiver, created by PayPal.)
  2. Or, if you don’t want to use electronic payment, let us know that you’ll be mailing a check (as long as you send it by May 18). Make it out to Beth Crittenden, and send it to 974 Lovell Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941.

We’ve got a few more spaces left. Be bold, join us for an awesome evening!

Kirsten’s a gem, and if you’d like to learn more about what she is up to, check out her In Bloom Spring Special! Research it soon, though, since the offer expires in a couple of days…



Please let me know if there are money/self-worth topics you’d like to read or hear more about. I love being able to share what I’m learning. Here’s to all of us having thriving businesses, where we also get to help others thrive. That’s just a better world all around.

Email me at beth@financialwellness.coach, or call or text me at (415) 425-1615 to connect.