It’s never too late to learn…

Back to School Time,

Is there an area of life that has been on your mental to-learn list for a while? Maybe, ahem, something about the world of money perhaps?

I love helping people decode the financial terms floating around out there. No one deserves to be left out of the money conversation; it is so crucial to our survival! No one is exempt from needing to understand a good amount of financial basics.

I know my earliest questions sounded like these and much more:

What’s a money market account?
Where should I keep my emergency fund?
Why do I even need a dang emergency fund?
How do I even start getting into the stock market? (Can I? I’m just a regular person!)
Why should I let someone else hold my money with so many crooks and hidden fees out there?

Then, as I formed my own business, the early questions sounded like:

Profit and Loss? (I haven’t lost anything. That sounds scary. Stop talking to me.)
How can I plan out what I’m going to earn next month when I’m not on a set salary? (You torture me with your pointed questions.)
Why bother even trying to plan it out? (I don’t want to get my hopes up and then get disappointed.)
Tax deductible expenses? (Are you speaking English?)

Play along with me if you’d like. Feel free to email me questions you have, of money terms that seem like they are in a foreign language. Or, even better, why you should care about a certain aspect of money.

I find that some folks hold back from airing their money questions, having an irrational shame that they “should” know the answer already. Or one of those deep fears like everyone else probably knows the answer and might think they are dumb if they ask the question.

My philosophy is, we’re all in Life School together. I don’t know something until I know it.

And if I used to know it but am fuzzy on it now, I could benefit from a refresher. Best of all, if I “know” something but am not practically applying it in my life, then there is something else to learn.

I can benefit by taking the time and effort to try something different that I suspect will be healthy for me in the long run.

If you’d like support in this area, I work with people in a variety of ways to get their finances organized and their hearts clean and clear when it comes to their money.

(Good-bye, fear; good-bye, shame; thanks anyway, scarcity; see you later, stagnation…)

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Beth is a Financial Organizer and Counselor who continues to find growth and strength from facing her money questions and fears. She uses her obsessively organized brain to help others discover creative structures for supporting their financial health.