Here is a video on Q & A on themes I've seen in money coaching.

Here is a video training I offered freely along with the wonderful Booming Collective:

Here's me talking about why I love this numbers work:

I offer my blog freely, as well.

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If You'd Like To Work With Me:

  • I coach individuals and business partners.
  • I teach bookkeeping, budgeting, cashflow management, healthy communication about finances, and/or matching financial behavior with personal goals and values.
  • My clients sometimes opt to focus on "just" the organization of the numbers and the financial systems. It is a personal choice whether or not to bring in the personal values, emotions, and any spiritual signifiance.
  • Key words for my work are sustainable, caring, generative, intimate, detaile-oriented and thorough. 1.5 shades away from rigorous, yet never punitive.
  • I formerly offered one-off standalone sessions, and I learned those were ineffective by themselves. True transformation takes a relationship over time, in my experience, and that is my calling to facilitate. Inquire by email if you'd like to explore working together.
  • I work with clients by video conference.
  • I work with individuals, and/or business partners.

I work with teams & organizations
via Mindful Life Mindful Work.

This includes workshops, keynote delivery, employee and executive learning and development, and specific mindfulness training on interacting well with numbers.

Take It One Step At A Time, From Wherever You're Starting

You may want to engage in preventative care of your financial situation, and that’s very wise. Nothing has to be on fire for us to get going with the work.

And/Or, it may be time for some urgent care where we put out the immediate and obvious fires, work on tending the wounds, and then really focus on building your best case scenario financial operations plan.


Here are some articles I have written:

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