Spring Cleaning Time Is Here!

I’m feelin’ it, are you?

Wanted to share with you some ways that I’m cleaning up this spring. Join me for any or all of them, and let me know how it goes!

  • I have a backlog of hard copy financial records to scan and save to Dropbox. I keep a little box under my desk, and work the scanning catch-up in between busy phases in my schedule. The next few days are thankfully clear for spring cleaning (rejoicing about that).
  • I just completed my April spending plan, and updated Net Worth statement. (Yep, more rejoicing. The clarity helps me feel confident about what I can and cannot say Yes to when it comes to spending money.)
  • This morning I walked around the house and cleaned off cobwebs and extra pine needles. I got some exercise, fresh air, and I love the results.
  • I started tracking my business mileage when I got my car at the end of February. I literally just write it on a notepad in my car and I keep it in the passenger seat to remind me to record it. I plan to transfer the numbers to Excel so I get monthly totals, and I will scan the paper record in case I need the specific notes in case I ever get audited.
  • Now that the first quarter of the year is over, I will be getting amounts for my estimated taxes, as well as suggestions for my clients’. When I know well enough that the money will be due to the government, I prefer sending it along instead of having to scramble to find the “extra” money at taxtime. The system went extremely well for 2012. I’m glad to tell you how I do it, if you are curious.

Well, before I bite off more than I can chew, I will stop the list for now! : )

I wish you all well in wrapping up your taxes, getting back on track if you feel off, and in general creating the life experience that you want.

Also, I wanted to let you know that if anyone you know is in need of a bookkeeper, I have a couple of openings in my practice (which is usually blessedly full). I can either do the work from my home office, or visit places in Marin. Thanks!