Do you ever fall in to self-doubt canyons? Or self-judging mud puddles? I just spent a bit of time there, focusing on my lack of business acumen, anemic networking, etc. Stinkin’ thinkin’, as 12-step calls it.

Luckily, it hurt so bad and limited me so much that it got me back on my knees…in prayer. Muddy, a little bruised, and humble seems to be the best way for me to hear my intuitive guidance.

Here I share part of the lotus blossom that emerged from the mud.

Thank you for walking the path of a woman in business. Intentional, balancing, fascinating.

I am a competent businesswoman.I offer an important service, one that translates well to lots of roles and situations.

There are plenty of people who can and will benefit from the messages I’ve been asked to carry.

I trust the Divine Mystery to lead me towards next right actions.

I trust my ability to, successfully and with full integrity, market my services to the appropriate people.

I trust my internal guidance with every business and financial decision, without exception.

I trust that if and when I am meant to work with others, we will be guided towards one another.

I love how the Higher Powers use me as a channel of sane and happy usefulness.

I appreciate how I’m consistently guided around which business activities to take.

I practice the 3 L’s: Love, Listen, Let Go.