Working Together

I wasn’t aware that working with a coach around money issues was something that I needed so much. I just thought the topic was kind of an evil black box that I needed to stay away from as much as possible.

Being coached changed everything for me.

Sometimes people get fed up with the fear and confusion, and they’re the lucky ones, getting clear on asking for and receiving professional support.

Still others might not yet be aware of what types of issues can be helped by working with a financial wellness coach. I hope this list will be a helpful guide, and know that it certainly isn’t the comprehensive list of what we see in this line of work.

The cool thing about doing growth work around finances, is that you have a very specific way to measure your progress. I love helping people set goals and then reach them!


In no particular order (click for additional info):

• I’ve Started a Business…Now What?

Estimated taxes, sales tax, contractor guidelines, 1099’s and W9’s, profit and loss statements. Whether or not I like these topics, they are crucial for me to understand if my business is going to succeed.


• I Want to Let Go of the Joneses.

I can’t seem to break the habits of partying/dining out/expensive gift giving, etc. Shouldn’t it be easy to start making my own decisions more clearly? Why do I say yes when I mean no when it comes to spending money?

• I Want my Financial Affairs in Order.

How do I start? What do I need to do? How will I know when they are “in order?” Who do I need to tell what?