How We Work Together

I work with people on their cash flow, financial tracking/reporting systems, and financial behaviors. We'll get clear on your specific goals, break it down in to steps, and devise timed milestones for you to reach those goals. We'll identify the best resources to support your process.

• I offer consultation time in sets of 3-hour series'.

• That meeting time may be used within 6 months of purchase.

• Each meeting may last as short as half an hour, or last up to 1.5 hours at a time. That is up to you at the time of scheduling.

• Each series costs $550 for the 3 hours total.

• I meet with most clients via Skype (bethcrittenden1122), FaceTime or telephone. I meet with clients face to face in Mill Valley at The Hivery as schedules and your geography permit.

• I work Monday through Saturday beginning at 9am.

• Evening appointments are available. (appointment to end no later than 8pm)

The basic things that it helps to have ready before our first session:

  • A list of assets. Bank account balances, home equity, car value, cash under the mattress. I don't need any account number information; we just want to gauge your starting point.
  • A list of any debts. Credit cards, student loans, mortgages, family debt.
  • A basic description of how you currently track your finances. A perfectly reasonable answer is, "I don't". Again, we just want to know your starting point, and then we can grow from there.
  • You decide if you want to work on your business or personal finances, or both.

Here is the form you will need to complete before we meet for the first time:

I know that this stuff can feel overwhelming. Let's just take it one step at a time together. When I asked a client to describe what I offer, they said:

"Working with Beth has been nothing short of transformative. Not only in the hard cold facts of my finances but also in how I feel about them. I'm calmer, more rational and also able to more effectively process the variety of emotions that inevitably surface when dealing with money issues. The best part is my wife and I now find money talks invigorating and affirming!"

(side note, I work with this couple on their personal finances, as well as each of their business' financial tracking)

If you sense the benefit of that for you, LET'S GET GOING!

I'm Ready To Get Started

Beth Crittenden • Financial Wellness Coach