How We Can Work Together

1. Please email me at or call (415) 425-1615 to request time for a free phone consult, if you have further questions. We can also just schedule by email or phone when you are ready to get started.

I meet with most clients via Skype (bethcrittenden1122) or telephone. I work Monday through Saturday, and evening appointments are available. I meet with clients face to face in San Francisco as schedules permit.

Initial sessions last about an hour and a quarter, and include a half hour phone follow-up one week after we meet. Follow-up packages are available, and those sessions last either half an hour or an hour, depending on client preference and availability.​

2. You let me know the TOP area of concern on your list before we meet. The one thing we will focus on to start with, is the thing that you feel most stressed about getting handled soon.

3. For those who accomplish more when they know they're investing time and money into it (like so many of us, including me), I do recommend having a session at least quarterly to keep that great awareness and action combination engaged.

4. The basic things that it helps to have ready before our first session:

  • A list of assets. Bank account balances, home equity, car value, cash under the mattress. I don't need any account number information; we just want to gauge your starting point.
  • A list of debts. Credit cards, student loans, mortgages, family debt.
  • A basic description of how you currently track your finances. A perfectly reasonable answer is, "I don't". Again, we just want to know your starting point, and then we can grow from there.

I know that this stuff can feel overwhelming. Let's just take it one step at a time together. When I asked a client to describe what I offer, they said:

"Thorough and competent financial organization/analyses for personal or business purposes. Also personal development advice for making me better with regard to my finances."

If you sense the benefit of that for you, LET'S GET GOING!

Beth Crittenden • Financial Wellness Coach

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